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Polyglots will be given priority during recruitment in Manipur

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Chief Minister N Biren on Friday announced that priority will be given to the candidates knowing multiple local dialects during job recruitment in Manipur.

Stressing the need of knowing multiple local dialects and languages by a government employee in the State, CM Biren made the announcement during the inaugural ceremony of the “Two months local language training programme of seven languages” which was organised by the department of Language Planning and Implementation at MSFDS in Imphal East.

Polygots will be given priority in job recruitment in Manipur
Inaugural function of 2 months language training programme.

Pointing out that language barrier divides people, even among the MLAs of the state, Biren stressed the need to learn different local dialects in order to maintain unity and oneness among the different ethnic groups of Manipur confining to the true image of a “Mini India” as described by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After all, one’s identity will not be compromised in learning languages, Biren added.

Lauding the Centre’s effort to introduce MBBS courses in Hindi language taking the model of Germany and France, he said introducing such medical courses in an Indian language will help the students to understand better and help in producing great doctors.

Pointing out that one could go deeply into something when learned or expressed in their mother tongue, he said filing of FIR of a case in the local language of the complainant will be of great help in expressing the crime more precisely, thereby documenting an effective FIR.

As English words have different meanings, many confusions have arisen while discussing the Indian Constitution, he said, adding that if the Indian Constitution is introduced in an Indian language there will be no confusion.

Talking about the significant civilisation history of Manipur and its freedom struggle history, he stressed the urgent need of introducing the history of Manipur in the school syllabus to let the younger generation aware about the Manipur history and civilisation.

Stating that the state is still facing the drawbacks of adopting the westernisation without proper education, knowledge and infrastructure, the chief minister called on the parents to impose restrictions on the use of mobile phones by their wards except for educational purposes as exposure to the internet has no limit.

Education Minister Th Basanta said that such training will help in tightening the bonds of the different communities of the state by ways of mending the communication gap.

Th Basanta tweeted, “Glad to attend the inaugural ceremony of Local language training programme of 7 languages in the presence of HCM Shri @NBirenSingh Trainees will get to learn the 7 local languages: Anal, Paite,Rongmei,Paomei,Tangkhul,Thadou & Meeteilon during the 2 months long training programme.”

Assuring that the present government will bring positive changes in the education sector of Manipur, he said that the government is taking up every possible step to meet the shortages of staff and infrastructures through recruitment in Manipur.

As many as 280 individuals will be participating in the pilot project training programme for seven local languages which includes Meitei, Tangkhul, Poumai, Rongmei, Anal, Paite and Thadou.

As per officials, around 291 individuals who applied for the training programme are kept in the waiting list.

It is expected that job seekers will now show interest in learning more indigenous languages while applying for recruitment in Manipur. Besides, knowing more languages will unite the ethnic communities as well.

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