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Gita is the best book for crisis management – La Ganesan

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Manipur Governor La Ganesan on Saturday said the Gita is the best book for crisis management apart from being “motivational” for all humanity.

Ganesan was delivering his chief guest speech during the “International Geeta Jayanti Celebration and Geeta Path” held at the Govindaji Temple in Imphal East. It was jointly organised by the Samskrita Bharati, Manipur Prant (SBMP) and Shri Shri Govindaji Temple Board.

The Governor asserted that the sacred book of Hindu guides every person to become more organised, responsible and socially sensitive. He said it is a matter of great pride that the Gita is becoming extensively popular not only in India but even overseas.

“Like lord Krishna tried to fight evil by goodness and hatred by love, the world today needs his message of love, tolerance and universal peace more than ever before,” Ganesan said.

Glimpse of International Gita Jayanti Celebration and Geeta Path
Glimpse of International Geeta Jayanti Celebration and Geeta Path in Imphal.

The governor pointed out that people of modern generation are increasingly finding that in spite of the material comforts abundantly available, there is a void in their life which cries to be filled in.

“The crisis is psycho-spiritual and it exists whether we realise it and if not there is no other book like the holy Gita which fills in the void, he said, adding all the teachings are suited to the modern inquisitive mind,” he added.

Ganesan further said Gita is “undoubtedly the immortal philosophical and spiritual doctrine” which was taught to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra indicating it (Gita) is to do work without any attachment of results.

Gita is very respected and revered not only in India but also in many western philosophers who accept it wholeheartedly as a sacred and unbeatable religious doctrine, Ganesan said.

Chief Minister N Biren while delivering the presidential speech, pointed out that the slogan of “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas Sabka Vishwas Sabka Prayas” is indeed taken out from the Gita.

Gita in Manipur
Governor La Ganesan and CM N Biren inaugurating International Geeta Jayanti Celebration.

He further said, “Gita is a sacred scripture, which was narrated by Lord Krishna himself to Arjuna. It is a universal book and the message contained the teachings of any religion. The sacred scripture holds a special place in the spirituality, cultural heritage and history of the nation.”

Like what is said in Gita, the chief minister stated that he will not take the side of his near or close one in taking up welfare activists of the general public and in saving the integrity of Manipur.

As a part of the programme, Gita Path was chanted by 108 pandits led by panchratna of Govindaji Temple Sh Gouramani Sharma and acharya K Brajamani Sharma.

The programme was also attended by Rajya Sabha MP Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba; Adhyaksa of SBMP S Vedeshwar Sharma and byabasthakari (Brahma Samaj) Govindaji Temple Board G Damarupati Sharma as guests of honour.

Lighting the ceremonial lamp with Deepa Mantra and invocation with chanting Vedic Hymns (Dhyey Mantra) marked the opening ceremony of the celebration.