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Ithai Barrage is destroying the Loktak lake

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Thanga MLA Tongbram Robindro said that Ithai barrage is destroying the ecology of Loktak Lake. “I was born and grew up at Thanga Loktak and it is true that the Loktak Lake is losing its depth”, said Tongbram Robindro and added that it may be due to Ithai barrage or NHPC Limited. Before Ithai barrage and NHPC Limited, all wastes from Loktak Lake were drained to Khordak and Oinamlong Maril but it has stopped.

There is a demand for decommissioning of Ithai Barrage as the ecological system of Loktak Lake is mitigating. Due to the mitigation of the ecological system, Keibul Lamjao, the home of endangered species Sangai has also become endangered, the MLA noted.

There was an ecological system of naturally absorbing soil fertility by biomass (Phumdi) during the lean season and Phumdis of the lake was able to float during the rainy season. But such natural systems have changed, and throughout the year the Phumdis are floating and deposited as wastes in the lake, he said.

Tongbram Robindro also appeals to the people of Loktak area to cooperate and support the works of the Loktak Development Authority (LDA). He further said that the LDA works under the initiative of the government to protect the lake and not mitigate it.

He said that there is the apprehension of the LDA mitigating Loktak Lake as the ecological system of the lake is mitigating. The MLA also stated as there is an apprehension of mitigation of Loktak Lake, the LDA has initiated steps of cleaning Phumdis. Some people opposed the LDA cleaning phumdis but the LDA’s work is for protection and saving the lake, not to destroy the lake, he assured.

The MLA was speaking to the media on the sideline of the programme, Balaram Jayenti Utsav, 2022 on the theme “Gau Adharik Kheti (Cow based agriculture) Urea Mukta Manipur (completely replace chemical fertilizer by organic fertilizer), chemical free state” on Friday at the Conference Hall of ICAR, Lamphelpat which was organised Bharatiya Kisan Singh, Manipur Prant.

Regarding the programme ‘Balaram Jayanti Utsav’, MLA Tongbram Robindro said that it is to give awareness to the people, particularly the farmers, about the traditional method of using cow dung or other animal dung as a fertilizer by replacing chemical fertilizer.

“Not only Manipur but globally, people want to eat organic and healthy food”, said Robindro and called for using cow dung or animal dung as fertilizers instead of chemical fertiliser.

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