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CM inaugurates Chingkhei ching water treatment plant

Last Updated on February 19, 2023 by SPN Editor

Chief Minister N Biren inaugurated the Chingkhei ching Water Treatment Plant in Imphal East on Sunday by releasing water from the plant. The plant has a 45 MLD capacity. The plant will initially provide water to some areas of Imphal City following its launch.

He thanked officials from the Public Health Engineering Department and the contractor for their dedicated efforts to provide some water to the public and stated that the Chingkhei ching water treatment plant’s water source will be Thoubal Dam. He insisted that the State Government was making every effort to provide tap water to the public.

Biren expressed his delight that, once the pipeline work is completed, the Chingkhei ching water treatment plant will be able to supply water to various parts of Imphal, including those served by Singda Dam.

The Chief Minister went on to say that there has been public concern about water scarcity at sources such as the Singda Dam and that the drying up of water sources is primarily due to large-scale deforestation. He also emphasized the plant’s ability to provide tap water to entire Imphal areas prior to the rainy season.

He went on to say that the State Government has been working on getting water from various sources, including Loktak Lake, the Ijei River near Tupul, and the Barak River from the Karong side, and that projects are being developed to increase water sources.

He emphasized the importance of water judicious use, stating that many people are very irresponsible in their use and waste of water. He also expressed concern about irresponsible people drilling holes in the main pipe to gain access to water, claiming that such activities have contributed to the contamination of the water. He also cited mass deforestation in hill areas for poppy plantations and encroachment on wetlands as the primary causes of water scarcity.

Biren spoke about the G20 delegates’ appreciation and comments about the scenic beauty and tourism potential of the state during their recent visit. He went on to thank government officials and the general public for their tremendous cooperation and support in making the G20 event a success in the state.

The Chief Minister also solicited public support for the government’s various development projects, urging everyone to plant a tree before the rainy season began.

Leishangthem Susindro Meitei, Minister of Public Health Engineering, informed that the Chingkhei ching water treatment plant has a capacity of 45 MLD and a project cost of Rs. 188 crores. He stated that the department is also attempting to provide water supply to these areas from the plant, citing that many areas of Imphal West that Singda Dam supplied are no longer receiving water supply due to the drying up of the water source.

The Minister also expressed concern about the impact of drilling holes in the main water supply pipe, claiming that such activity had made the water dirty and resulted in water waste.

Chingkhei ching water treatment
CM N Biren released the water supply at Porompat.

Later, CM N Biren visited the Porompat Water Supply Scheme, which was built near the TV tower, and also released its water supply.

Among those in attendance at the inaugural function of the Chingkhei ching water treatment plant was the Secretary of the Government of Manipur Namoijam Kheda Varta, officials from the Public Health Engineering Department, and Keystone Infra Pvt. Ltd.

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