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Minister Susindro assures relief measures for water scarcity in Imphal

Last Updated on February 28, 2023 by SPN Editor

Despite the widespread misinformation that PHED supplies water to Imphal areas three times per week, PHE Minister Susindro has confirmed that there are several areas that receive no water at all. The pipeline from the Singda Dam breaking is the main cause of this.

However, there are concerted efforts underway to bring potable water to every part of the area. During the Manipur Legislative Assembly’s current session’s question hour on Monday, Congress MLA K Ranjit asked the PHE Minister Susindro about Imphal’s water supply and the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM), and the Minister responded by providing the information.

Imphal, according to Minister Susindro, needs about 133.52 MLD of water each day. There won’t be any more water shortage problems in the Imphal and Greater Imphal regions when combined with the water provided by Singda and other water supply schemes, and the Chingkhei Ching-Maphou Dam which can deliver 85 MLD per day.

CM and Minister Susindro inaugurates chingkhei ching water treatment plant
CM N Biren inaugurated the Chingkhei ching Water Treatment Plant in Imphal East.

It is crucial to note that the dry season in the State typically lasts from December to April and that the government is making efforts to meet at least half of the demand even though it is unable to guarantee an adequate water supply.

With the government laying the pipelines, the JJM guidelines have made sure that about 75% of Manipuri households now have water connections. However, due to a lack of water at the sources, people are only given access to water three times per week, as opposed to 24 hours a day.

Although many people use motor pumps to draw the water, this makes it challenging for areas far from the water reservoir to receive any water. In order to prevent the use of motor pumps, the necessary holes are therefore drilled from the top of the pipes when they are laid out for water connections.

Minister Susindro went on to say that there have been no reports of water being released in the early morning hours but that he would change the timing if there were. According to JJM guidelines, water must be available every single day. Despite having numerous water sources, there weren’t enough pipelines when the mission was launched.

Since the pipelines have been installed, the water sources have dried up, which has caused the completion of several water supply schemes to be delayed. On the other hand, there is no Rs. 4150 maintenance fee assessed when connecting the pipes. If it is determined that these charges have been filed, strict action will be taken.

Even though it has only recently begun operations, the Chingkhei ching Water Treatment Plant will serve Uripok and Thangmeiband areas. The department is working to find a quick fix for issues like the flooding of localities and repeated repairs because the pipes used to supply water from the Plant are new.

PHE Minister Susindro further responded to MLA Th Lokeshwar about the water supply project in Khundrakpam by saying that PHED has set a goal to finish projects in all 60 ACs under NDB by 2024. Both the department and VWSC are in charge of the water supply system that is run on donated land in urban and rural areas.

Lastly, Minister Susindro clarified that it is false to claim that property owners are appointed as chowkidars or linemen.