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Ellie’s story is told in The Last of Us episode 7: Left Behind

Last Updated on October 3, 2023 by SPN Editor

Ellie’s story is told from her perspective in HBO’s The Last of Us episode 7 as she navigates life at the Boston QZ military academy with her friend Riley. Will Ellie be able to save the person she cares about? Watch to find out.

The Last of us episode 7- “Left Behind” takes place in two timelines, one shortly before the events of “The Last of Us” and one during them. Ellie and Riley are seen in the past exploring an abandoned mall, sharing jokes, stories, and dreams, and eventually confessing their feelings for each other.

In the present, we see Ellie struggling to survive in a dangerous environment, wounded and alone until she recalls Riley’s lessons and love.

In the meantime, Joel is fighting for his life in an abandoned basement. The new The Last of Us episode 7 is full of memorable scenes, heartbreaking moments, and a catchy soundtrack.

the Last of us episode 7
A scene from The Last of Us Episode 7: Left Behind.

Ellie and Riley share a bond that is not solely romantic but also founded on trust, loyalty, and understanding. They are both societal outcasts, who have been rejected and infected by the world around them, finding solace and resilience in each other.

As the story unravels and we dive deeper into Riley’s fate and its impact on Ellie’s perspective, we are confronted with the themes of sacrifice and regret. Without revealing too much, it can be said that Riley’s choices and actions leave a lasting impression on Ellie’s psyche and motivations, teaching her a harsh lesson on the price of love and optimism in a world that seems set on obliterating them.

The Last of Us episode 7: Left Behind, is a remarkable masterpiece that warrants appreciation and analysis for its depth, emotion, and relevance. The introduction of a new character, Riley, enriches the already prevalent themes of love, loss, and survival in a world ravaged by an apocalypse. The episode also sensitively and skillfully delves into themes of sacrifice, regret, identity, and self-discovery, making it a work of art worth examining and celebrating.

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