Why Waikhong Laifamlen must be protected for the preservation of Meetei religion – WLPDC

Traditional boundary of Waikhong village

The hill ranges starting with Phandu peak and the Maning ching of Waikhong village have several Meetei Laifamlen. There are around 25 Laifamlen in the hills of Waikhong village which must be protected. A tete a tete with Publicity Secretary, Hidam Thomba Meitei of Waikhong Laifamlen Protection Demand Committee (WLPDC) said that Waikhong village is … Read more

Be Loyal to Assam and the Country, CM N Biren tells Manipuris living in Assam

Chief Minister told Manipuri in Assam to be loyal to Assam state

CM N Biren today attended the All Assam Manipuri People’s Convention 2022 at Rajiv Bhawan, Silchar, Assam. CM appealed to the Manipuris in Assam to be loyal to Assam State and Country. The convention was organized by All Assam Manipuri Youths’ Association (AAMYA). On reaching the venue to attend the evening session of the All … Read more

More than 10,000 tree saplings were planted at Thangjing Hills under DFO Churachandpur

Mass plantation drive at Thangjing hills by DFO Churachandpur

A massive tree plantation drive was organised by the Kuki Students Organisation (KSO), Churachandpur and Kuki Chief Association with the Kuki civil society organisations and local villagers at the deforested portions of Thangjing hill range under Henglep subdivision of Churachandpur district on Tuesday. More than 10,000 tree saplings were reportedly planted by thousands of volunteers … Read more

Lai Haraoba receives patronage from Tamil community in Moreh

lai haraoba in moreh got patronage from tamil community

The Lai Haraoba festival at Ima Kondong Lairembi in border town of Moreh receives patronage from Tamil community living in the town. This time, Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba Sanajaoba also attended the function at Ima Kondong Lairembi Haraobung on Wednesday. Dressed in proper Tamil costumes, women and children attended the Lai Haraoba. Starting from the … Read more

MP Sanajaoba moves Rajya Sabha for Meetei/Meetei in ST list

MP Sanajaoba moves Rajya Sabha for Meetei/Meitei in ST list

MP Sanajaoba draws the attention of the Upper House of the Parliament for the inclusion of Meetei/Meitei in ST list yesterday. Sanajaoba moves the Rajya Sabha to include ethnic community under Article 342(1) of the Indian Constitution. He concludes that since 2013 Meetei/Meitei has made serveral representations to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Home Minister, Tribal … Read more

Popularity of Nongma Panba Sajibu Cheiraoba

Kombirei flower from Manipur

Nongma Panba Sajibu Cheiraoba is gaining popularity among the new Meitei generations. Some decades ago, only few families celebrate Cheiraoba on Nongma Panba (as new lunar year). No one could imagine such a huge surge in the celebration of Nongma panba Cheiraoba. Our state is often known as ‘land split into two’. We always have … Read more

Give us Kohima, follow traditional boundary of forefathers

nagaland villages inside manipur territory

For the first time after Manipur was merged with Independent India in 1949, border issue with other Indian state marred the suzerainty of erstwhile Manipur kingdom. If Manipur claims the traditional boundaries of the past, then the size of Manipur will be 10 times of the present state. The controversial yet illegal claim by Southern … Read more

Why only Meetei to protect integrity of Manipur

Beautiful Dzuko valley of Manipur

Today is the 10th day of South Angami Public Organisation (SAPO) indefinite bandh on Manipur bound vehicular movements along the National Highway 39. Why only Meetei to protect the integrity of Manipur? This bandh is in connection to “permanent structures” and “deployment of armed personnel” at what it referred to as the “disputed” by Manipur … Read more

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