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Lai Haraoba receives patronage from Tamil community in Moreh

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Lai Haraoba festival at Ima Kondong Lairembi in border town of Moreh receives patronage from Tamil community living in the town. This time, Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba Sanajaoba also attended the function at Ima Kondong Lairembi Haraobung on Wednesday.

Dressed in proper Tamil costumes, women and children attended the Lai Haraoba. Starting from the house of V Shekhar, president of the Border Trade and Chamber of Commerce (BTCC), Tamil women, children carried fruits, fragrance flowers through Moreh bazar and offer it at Ima Kondong Lairembi.

Celebration of Ima Kondong Lairembi Haraoba is one of the biggest festivals of the Meetei community in Moreh.

Meanwhile, womenfolk in Kwatha village express gratitude to Tamil Sangam, Moreh for extending assistance to Kwatha Inat Kanba Lup in organising the Lai Haraoba festival.

Ima kongdong Lairembi is a sacred deity of Meitei since early periods and recently development of the Haraobung and the Lai haraoba is gaining public support. The people of Moreh and Kwatha wishes the government to look into the matter for the protection and preservation of Meitei Laifamlen.

The Lai Haraoba committee appeals the people to come and participate in the Ima Kondong Lairembi Haraoba as well.

Speaking to media persons Takhellangbam (O) Sarju Devi who is a member of the Lai committee said that Kwatha being located at remote border village it is difficult to procure the required materials for Lai Haraoba festival.

“Every year when we organise the Lai Haraoba festival the Tamil community has provided assistance to us. We express our gratitude to Tamil Sangam “, Sarju Devi said.

Moreh town is an important border of Manipur where different community are living in peaceful co existence since ages. The Meitei, Tamil, Nepali, Muslim, Kuki are living in this mini India. The town is the only border where International trade is done with the neighbouring countries like Myanmar and other South Asian countries.

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