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Be Loyal to Assam and the Country, CM N Biren tells Manipuris living in Assam

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

CM N Biren today attended the All Assam Manipuri People’s Convention 2022 at Rajiv Bhawan, Silchar, Assam. CM appealed to the Manipuris in Assam to be loyal to Assam State and Country. The convention was organized by All Assam Manipuri Youths’ Association (AAMYA).

On reaching the venue to attend the evening session of the All Assam Manipuri People’s Convention, CM was accorded a warm welcome by the people of Manipuri communities of Assam. Speaking as the Chief Guest of the function, N Biren has expressed his profound happiness for the huge turnout of Manipuris in Assam which include Meeteis, Meetei Pangal, etc. who came from every nook and corner of Assam to attend the convention.

CM stated that the Manipuris residing in Assam and Manipur have had unbreakable blood ties since time immemorial and added that we should always foster this spirit of brotherhood among us.

He also urges all the Manipuri residing in Assam to safeguard our culture and promote oneness among all the communities. Show your loyal to Assam which is your caretaker.

It is believed that the Meeteis, the Ahom of Assam, and the Nagas once lived in harmony at Makhel village in Senapati District of Manipur, he stated and added that in an attempt to relive that good old memories or myth, the Reunited Heritage Park of Manipur will be constructed at the place.

Asserting that we should never forget the supreme sacrifices made by our forefathers in preserving and protecting our land, rich culture, tradition, and heritage, CM said that we should stand together against anyone who tries to distort our great history.

He stated that due to internal disagreements among ourselves in the past, our forefathers gave room for external colonial and invasive powers to rule our land for example the Seven Years Devastation, British invasion, etc. As such, we should learn these lessons from history and always stand united as there is a saying that united we stand, divided we fall, he added.

Regarding the construction of a Manipur Bhavan in Assam, CM announced that the Manipur Government is working on the procurement of land and announced that once the process is complete, a Cabinet decision will be taken very soon. He added that any type of grievances, maybe educational, political, health, or demographic which they couldn’t approach to the Assam Government could be conveyed through him.

He also highlighted priority will be also given to them, while visiting Manipur, for staying in the guest house for chiefs of all hill districts constructed in Imphal.

Minister L Sushindro Meitei; MLA Kongkham Robindro; Chief Advisor AAMYA Shri Ksh. Kundan; Vice President IPSA Manipur Shri Khuraijam Athouba; Manipur General Secretary Manipuri Sahitya Parishad Assam, Prof. Kh. Dhiren Singh also attended the function among others.