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Tamenglong Bans on Poaching and Selling of Amur Falcon

Last Updated on November 22, 2023 by SPN Editor

Tamenglong/ October 08, 2023 (SPN) | Tamenglong district DC has imposed a ban on the poaching, killing, and sale of Amur falcon, a species of small raptor belonging to the falcon family. As part of this directive, all holders of air gun licenses have been instructed to surrender their weapons to the nearest police stations, outposts, or relevant authorities promptly.

In an official notification, the Deputy Commissioner cited the government’s proactive measures to prevent the hunting and killing of these migratory birds during their stay in Tamenglong district throughout the winter season.

Amur falcon is known to breed in southeastern Siberia and Northern China, embarking on extensive migrations in large flocks across northeastern India and over the Arabian Sea to reach their wintering grounds along the Southern and East African coasts.

During the summer months, these falcons inhabit their breeding territories in southeast Russia and northern China. Subsequently, they commence their return journey in April-May, covering an annual distance of approximately 20,000 kilometers. Along the way, they make stopovers in India’s northeastern states.

These pigeon-sized birds typically arrive in significant numbers during October, appearing in regions such as Nagaland, Manipur, and other parts of the northeast. They depart from the area in November after replenishing their food supplies for their uninterrupted flight to Africa, where they spend the winter months.

Notably, a female Amur falcon named Longleng, which had been satellite-tagged, made headlines by undertaking a non-stop flight to reach Somalia in November 2018. Recently, it has returned to India on its way to a breeding area in northern China, as confirmed by a scientist from the Wildlife Institute of India (WII).

The Amur Falcon Festival is held in the Tamenglong district to raise awareness and promote the conservation of the Amur Falcon, renowned as the world’s longest-flying migratory bird. Typically taking place in the first or second week of November, this day-long festival serves as a platform for strengthening the bond between humanity and nature while recognizing the vital role these small raptors play in people’s lives.

The inaugural Amur Falcon Festival took place in 2015, marking the beginning of this important conservation event.

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