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Two Manipuri Fighters to Represent India in 15th World Cup MMA Championship in Russia

Last Updated on October 23, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ October 16, 2023 (SPN) | The Manipur Mixed Martial Art Association (MMMAA) proudly announced today that two outstanding Manipuri fighters have been selected to represent India at the prestigious 15th World Cup Mixed Martial Arts Championship. The championship is set to take place on December 2 and 3 in Essentuki, Stavropol Territory, Russia.

This remarkable achievement highlights the exceptional talent emerging from the Manipur region and underscores the growing recognition of Indian fighters in the global MMA arena.

The two Manipuri Fighters, Thounaojam Bambam Singh in the 57 kg weight category and Md Nawaz Sharif in the 61 kg weight category, have earned the privilege to compete on the world stage, showcasing their exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.

Leading the Indian Team is the esteemed Master Ch Premchandra, Founder of MMA Manipur. Master Premchandra’s impressive credentials include his status as a Life member of esteemed organizations such as the World Muay Boran Federation (WMBF), World Muay Thai organization (WMO), Kru-Muay Thai Association (KMA), and World Kumite Organization (WKO).

The Manipur Mixed Martial Art Association extends an appeal to the public to rally behind these talented athletes. For those wishing to offer financial support, donations can be made through GPay at 9862277877.

Looking ahead, the Association also announced an upcoming Championship in Thailand next year. Aspiring players interested in joining the MMA arena are encouraged to reach out to the officials at 9774176292 for training and guidance.

In a heartwarming development, the Kangleipak News Tengbang Lup (KNTL), a philanthropic group, has stepped in to support Thounaojam Bambam, an MMA fighter who faced financial constraints. The KNTL, known for its charitable initiatives, extended a generous sum of Rs 10,000 to assist Bambam, who had previously missed several invitations to international-level MMA events.

The news of Bambam’s financial challenges came to light through social media and local news channels. The aid was formally presented to the athlete by Sapam Rina Devi, a dedicated KNTL volunteer, who emphasized that similar support would continue in the near future.In addition to the KNTL, other entities and individuals have also extended their support.

Mayang Imphal AC MLA K Robindro contributed Rs 50,000 to the athlete, while the North East People Organisation (NEPO) Manipur provided Rs 40,120 to help Thounaojam Bambam participate in the upcoming MMA World Championship in Russia. Singjamei 360, a social media page, further demonstrated their support with a generous donation of Rs 50,000.

These heartwarming gestures of support underscore the unity and goodwill of the community as they rally behind these talented Manipuri Fighters, reinforcing the spirit of Manipur and Indian MMA on the global stage.