Halloween pumpkin has more colors. The Blue pumpkin, the Teal and the Purple pumpkins are seen during Halloween. Is it necessary to display Blue pumpkin in Halloween? 

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Blue Pumpkin are used to signifies that the home owners understand the problems of the Autistic kids and they are ready to welcome these kids during the Halloween.

A Kid carrying a Teal Pumpkin in Halloween is indicating home owners that they are allergy to certain foods and wish to get free gifts instead of candies and other food stuffs.

Teal pumpkin signifies that our  home also hands out non-food Halloween treats for children with food allergies. 

Blue Pumpkin on the porch of home shows we are aware of Autism and acceptance that we will take care of the Autistic kids during Halloween.

Teal blue pumpkin says we will gift non allergy products which are safe for the kids during Halloween.

Home displaying a blue pumpkin signifies all are welcome and safe there. They understand that Halloween must be safe and fun for the Autistic kids too.

The teal pumpkin  helps people know those things are safe from allergies. A kid carrying a Teal Pumpkin has food allergies and needs non food options.