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Why is there Blue Pumpkin in Halloween?

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Pumpkin is orange in color. When we say blue pumpkin, people will laugh at us. There are also purple color pumpkin. What is the meaning of blue pumpkin in Halloween? If we want to celebrate and enjoy this year’s Halloween, we must understand the concept of Blue pumpkin in Halloween and promote the idea.

Blue pumpkin is natural, it is not made specially for the Halloween. Blue pumpkin recipes have a subtly sweet and vegetable flavor suited for cooked preparations and are used in sweet and savory recipes.

Blue Pumpkin meaning in Halloween
Blue pumpkin in Halloween for a cause.

When it comes to serve the society and trending around the world, Americans are the best! The meaning of Halloween is let us trick and treat. We should not leave a single Americans while celebrating Halloween 2022.

Blue Pumpkin in Halloween to show we care for the Autistic children. It is estimated that one in 100 people in the States are on the Autism spectrum and one in 44 children are with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Halloween is the biggest festival in the States and the real trick is to transform into the most spooky and scary characters. While doing so, we have to keep in mind the challenged faced by parents with Autism children.

The idea of displaying blue pumpkin in Halloween started in the States as a local social media movement. People liked the concept and it gained popularity online. Now the concept has been appreciated by the people and displaying Blue pumpkin in Halloween is a part of the celebration. It means no one should be left behind in celebrating the Halloween. We must encourage and promote the autistic children to play the trick or treating of Halloween.

Steps to display Blue Pumpkin in Halloween

Displaying Blue Pumpkin this Halloween on the porch of our home is a voluntary. The home owners came out and put up blue pumpkin in their home, expressing they are ready to accept the Autistic children to visit them. It is also a sign that they have understand what the autistic children wants and will give them the best love and care. They will make the Halloween for these children one of the most beautiful celebration.

Just putting a Blue pumpkin is not the final steps to welcome the Autistic children. We have to arrange our homes in such a way that the decoration do not frightened or create unnecessary problems. Most of these children are not familiar with the lights and sounds. We have to see whether the light decorations do not surprise them. The loud jarring noise will annoyed them as well.

We must be careful in welcoming the kids on Autism spectrum. When decorating home for the Halloween, let us avoid light displays that flash or strobe, and any additional loud noises, scents, or animated decorations which might distract the kids. We must be patient with kids who come to our door, and because some children may be nonverbal, we should not insist on them saying “trick-or-treat” before handing out candy.

The kids will also love to see the soft and calm costumes, some of them will prefer the good fairy or vampires which are not spooky or scary. We can try for Tinker Bell costumes to make them feel safe with the good fairy as well.

After all, making them happy is the best Halloween!

Teach our kids to accept and help us in decorating Blue Pumpkin in Halloween

Kids wants fun filled Halloween. It is not that we can’t decorate our home ourselves. Reasons why we need our kids to decorate and display the Blue Pumpkin on the Porch is to make them aware the importance of care and service during this Halloween. We have to make them understand that there are hundreds of Autism children who wants to enjoy the same Halloween like they do. They also wants to dress themselves in such spooky and scary costumes and play tricks or treats.

Our kids must respect them, they must be understood and give joy during this Halloween. Touch wood! some pranksters kids will disturbed the Autism children on the street, making fun with the scariest Halloween costumes. By alerting our kids on Blue Pumpkin concept, we are protecting them from annoyance and nuisance to Autism kids when they cam out to participate the Halloween.

Finding a blue natural pumpkin will be difficult. What we can do is to paint the normal orange Pumpkin with blue color. There are also several inflatable blue pumpkin available online. We can paint the old discarded soccer ball with blue color and decorated in our porch.

Let our kids paint them, they must be given knowledge and kindness towards the Autism syndrome kids and adults during this Halloween.

Besides Blue Pumpkin in Halloween, what is this Teal Pumpkin?

Let us not confuse blue pumpkins with teal pumpkins. The two type of pumpkins are used for a different purpose on Halloween in the States. Despite the similar colors, the Teal Pumpkin concept was started to raise awareness and accommodate children with food allergies when trick-or-treating.

Teal pumpkin meaning is that kids are safe from food allergies during the Halloween. Teal Pumpkin concept is a simple way to make trick-or-treating safer and more inclusive for the one in 13 children living with food allergies in the States. Placing a teal pumpkin on our doorstep signals that, in addition to candy, we offer non-food trinkets and treats which are safe for all trick or treater during the Halloween.

Inflated Teal pumpkin in Halloween
A home in the States displaying Teal pumpkin in Halloween.

Sometimes, kids carry a blue Halloween buckets to raise awareness of the concept.

Children carrying teal candy buckets are likely allergic to one or more ingredients commonly found in Halloween candy and would appreciate a non food treat. To prevent from allergic food treats and candies, teal pumpkin idea is spread among the homeowners. Instead of Candy treats, homeowners will provide some popular choices that include stickers, glow sticks, bubbles, pencils, vampire fangs, and other small toys.

Teal pumpkin bucket in Halloween
Kids carrying a teal pumpkin bucket in Halloween.

Such display of a teal pumpkin on our porch let people understand that these children with food allergy are safe and there are special treats available at our home. Let more homes be decorated with Blue Pumpkin and Teal pumpkin to support the concept.

Let this Halloween makes everyone happy, we expect to see more Blue Pumpkin in Halloween 2022.

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