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MP lauds Meitei in Bangladesh for safeguarding identity

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Rajya Sabha MP and titular king Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba has lauded the Meitei in Bangladesh for safeguarding the identity, culture, tradition and costume of Meitei community gifted by our late forefathers. He also expressed strong concern over the rising competition on Ningol Chakkouba gift, contending that such trend will reduce the true spirit of Ningol Chakkouba festival.

Ningol Chakkouba festival was celebrated at Manipur Cultural complex at Tetagao Adampur in Bangladesh jointly organised by Manipur Cultural Complex, Bangladesh, Manipuri Youths Forum, Bangladesh and Patriotic Writers Forum Manipur sponsored by CAF & PD Minister Leishangthem Susindro on Thursday.

MP Leishemba Sanajaoba tweeted, “Honoured to attend and join with Hon’ble Minister Shri L Susindro at Ningol Chakouba Festival 2022 at Manipur Cultural Complex, Bangladesh. The festival was jointly organised by Manipuri Cultural Complex Bangladesh, Patriotic Writers Forum Manipur and Manipuri Youths Forum Bangladesh.”

Addressing the gathering, MP Leishemba Sanajaoba said that we should not add extra culture to the existing culture of Ningol Chakkouba which signifies the spirit of love and unity between the brothers and sisters. Addition of extra culture and rising trend competition on Ningol Chakkouba gift has rather affected many poor brothers. The aesthetic spirit of Ningol Chakkouba should not be spoil by luxurious gifts, he observed.

MP Leishemba Sanajaoba celebrating Ningol Chakouba with the Meitei in Bangladesh
MP Sanajaoba celebrating Ningol Chakouba in Bangladesh.

The Ningol Chakouba celebration was also attended by The People’s Republic of Bangladesh former additional secretaries Sashi Kumar Singha and Kongkham Nilmoni Singha, MCC Bangladesh president L Jayenta Singha, Patriotic Writers’ Forum Manipur president Naoroibam Khamba Luwang and MYF Bangladesh president Hijam Sushil as guests of honour.

The delegation team also met some Manipuri Bishnupriya in Buramara, Bangladesh and held discussion on inconveniences faced by the latter.

In his speech, MP Leishemba Sanajaoba said that after reaching the area, he was shocked to find the divisive air between the Meitei, the Bishnupriya and other communities. As such, it was heartbreaking to see the communities behaving in a different manner with each other, when they are part of the same culture, eat the same food and follow the same religion.

The MP then remarked that as there is huge difference in between the Manipuri spoken outside and those spoken at the given location, while suggesting the need for studying the Manipuri language properly. Steps have been taken to preserve and promote Manipuri language in Bangladesh as well.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister L Susindro informed that they were sent by CM N Biren with the mission to restore relationship and unity with the Meitei in Bangladesh. The Minister said that they visited Bangladesh as part of Chief Minister N Biren government’s mission to strengthen ties among the Meitei scattered in different parts of the world. Meitei in Bangladesh should not feel worried about being minority there. Despite being minority, Meitei in Bangladesh should build unity. No one can suppress Meitei when they stand together, he added.

Minister L Susindro also urged the local Meira Paibi and Bishnupriya, both inside and outside the state, to work together for the protection of the state’s rich art and cultural heritage.

Meitei in Bangladesh protecting the identity
MP Sanajaoba and Minister L Susindro at Ima Ujao Lairembi in Bangladesh.

MP Leishemba Sanajaoba and Minister Susindro also visited Ima Ujao Lairembi at Udampur Konagao and offered prayer there. They also interacted with the Lai Committee members. Minister Susindro also donated Rs. 20,000 to the Lai Committee for celebration of Lai Haraoba.

Susindro recounted the history as to how the Meitei in Bangladesh settled. The Meitei in Bangladesh also extended support towards protecting the present Manipur.