How to make scary Halloween costumes for kids?

Scary Halloween costumes for kids can be made in home

When it is time for Halloween, we have to be the most scariest character. After all it is all about giving a spooky and scary wardrobes. October 31st is approaching and we must be prepared for the D day. Let us plan how to make the most scary Halloween costumes for kids. We need to have the best creativity, using expertise to do a makeover for this Monday Halloween.

Let us not think of ordering those costly high price Halloween costumes, we can arrange spooky cloak from our surroundings. Making ghost is not that costly at all. The corn hair will look more frightening than those synthetic wigs. If we can arrange few LED which gives colorful lights, then the makeover will be more technical. We will be making our kids a techno ghost with LED eyes and creepy hair.

Wyoming might be coming with Vampires costumes, So is the Virginia and New Jersey with Michael Myers, South Dakota with Chucky, Maryland with Adams Family. Repeatedly performing the same characters every Halloween will not entertain our peers.

For this year, we are suggesting the top most scariest Halloween costumes for kids. In the States, popular Halloween costumes for kids includes Chucky, Zombie, Witch and their favorite movie character like Joker and vampires.

Black dress with long neatly combed hair will make scary Halloween costumes for kids
Black dress with long neatly combed hair will make scary Halloween costumes for kids.

We can arrange the scary Halloween costumes for kids from our own home, the used and discarded apparels. We need some color or paints to make them look more spooky. Let us tray to use safe and natural color for safety of our kids.

Of all the spooky characters, zombie is common one which don’t need special costumes. Rather, we can make over our kids look like a dreadful and scary Zombie with the make ups, the extra white, black and red color on their face. More color means more Zombie looks. A zombie costumes is very easy to stitch if we have old kid’s jackets, jeans or worn out shoes.

Next is the Vampires costumes. If we have a black and white wardrobes, may be black hat. Paint the face with all the make up to look scary. The lipsticks all down the cheeks. Halloween is not complete without a Vampire in the house. Vampire costumes are easily available in local stores. Let us do some makeover with a paint job on the face to make the kid look pale and rather gory.

Also try this Creepy Ballerina which gives a killer costume with the makeup only. We can create the illusion of a cracked face on our kids by using an eyeliner pencil to section off different areas of the skin. Use bronzer and foundation to fill them in. From there, throw on a costume and a tutu, and pull the hair up into a high bun. The most easiest and more spooky creepy Ballerina is now ready to walk the street.

Spooky and scary Halloween costumes for kids can be prepared at home.
Cracked face make up will make the kids spooky in Halloween costumes for kids

If we have enough toilet paper, then it will be the easiest and most creepy and scary Halloween costumes for kids. Let us drape and Start rolling it all over the kid’s body until they’re completely covered. Top it off with some white contacts too. Let us striped cloth for the headgear. Tie it on the head in such a manner that resembles a Pharaoh of Egypt. The ghost or mummy from the coffin will walk down to scare us all.

We can also revive the Greek mythology with snake head Medusa.These days, toy snakes are found in local stores. If you don’t want to waste money, try for those thick elastic hose pipe. Normally these hose pipes comes in set of colors like green, black, blue and transparent. We are lucky to get those colors. Else, we can spray paint to these pipes. We can prepare at least dozen of snakes with different colors. Let us sew or glue them all onto a hat or headband. Get the kid dressed in a black cloak and put a white-colored contact lens to make this mythical creature really come to life.

Try these home made scary Halloween costumes for kids and let us surprise our neighbors!

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