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Will RangeXchange V2V Adapter Boost Lucid Motors’ Stock?

Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by SPN Editor

Lucid Motors (NASDAQ: LCID) isn’t just about electric cars; it’s about reshaping how we drive and charge our vehicles. Their latest move, the RangeXchange vehicle-to-vehicle, V2V adapter, is more than a tech upgrade—it’s a game-changer that could redefine the whole electric vehicle (EV) experience.

This innovation arrives amid a period of uncertainty in EV sales, offering a potentially game-changing solution to drivers’ range anxiety. Lucid’s V2V adapter allows Lucid vehicle owners to extend a helping hand by assisting in charging other EVs on the road. This development could not only revolutionize the EV user experience but also drive growth not just for Lucid but for the entire EV industry.

This news arrives following a challenging quarter for Lucid Motors, where revised production forecasts for 2023 were announced due to recent financial results. Despite the setback, Lucid remains committed to growth and innovation, signaling resilience to concerned investors.

Recently, Lucid Motors adjusted its EV production goal for 2023 due to widening losses in Q3. The company now anticipates manufacturing between 8,000 and 8,500 vehicles this year, a significant decrease of over 40% from its previous fourth-quarter target. This shift has raised concerns among investors.

Despite these obstacles, Lucid’s CFO, Sherry House, noted progress in their cost control program and identified further opportunities for 2024. Ending the quarter with $5.45 billion in liquidity, the company aims to achieve its next significant milestone, Gravity production, extending into 2025.

As of now, it’s seen a 4.5% increase for the day, maintaining an upward trend without signs of slowing down. This surge has propelled it to a 10% gain for the week.

Lucid Group Inc.’s stock has seen notable fluctuations in its performance over time. Here’s a snapshot based on historical data:

  • The highest closing price recorded for Lucid’s stock was $58.05 USD on February 18, 2021.
  • The stock’s 52-week high reached $17.81 USD, marking a 348.6% increase from the current share price.
  • Its 52-week low was $3.62 USD, which is 8.8% lower than the current share price.
  • Over the last 52 weeks, the average Lucid stock price stood at $7.28 USD.

Considering yearly performance:

  • In 2021, the stock averaged $27.4147 USD and closed the year at $38.05 USD, reflecting a 280.12% increase.
  • For 2022, the average price was $19.2308 USD, closing the year at $6.83 USD, signifying an 82.05% decrease.
  • In 2023, based on the latest available data, the average price was $7.0806 USD, and it’s currently at $3.97 USD, indicating a 41.87% decrease.

Lucid Motors is now gearing up to assist in increasing the number of electric vehicles on the roads. Concerns over range anxiety have been prevalent among drivers considering the switch to EVs. However, with more vehicles capable of aiding in recharging, it’s likely to boost confidence in driving electric. As per Autoweek report,

“Using the Wunderbox bi-directional charging technology, the RangeXchange V2V adapter allows a Lucid Air to transfer power at 9.6 kW to another vehicle. The EV maker highlights that this could provide roughly 24 to 40 miles of range per hour, depending on various environmental factors and the energy efficiency of the receiving vehicle.”

The necessity of the V2V adapter is evident. Earlier, drivers have carried jumper cables in their vehicles, ready to assist either their own battery or someone in need. This vehicle-2-vehicle, V2V adapter innovation might make EV drivers more at ease, particularly in regions where charging stations are sparse. This move could contribute to greater comfort in driving an EV, especially if other car manufacturers adopt Lucid’s approach.

Moreover, the collaboration of Lucid Motors with Riyadh Air will boost the future of Lucid stocks. The partnership explores co-marketing, commercial, and operational avenues to target specific guests and travelers, potentially enhancing visibility and customer outreach for both entities.

The collaboration supports Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, anticipating cost savings and environmental benefits for Lucid Motors while contributing to the country’s economic diversification and job creation goals. Additionally, Riyadh Air’s ambition to become the largest Middle Eastern airline, tripling its annual travelers to 330 million by 2030, could offer Lucid Motors access to this expanding customer base.