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1204 Dengue Cases in Manipur Record till Yesterday

Last Updated on October 21, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ October 11, 2023 (SPN) | As of October 9, this year, the State has reported a total of 1,204 Dengue cases in Manipur, with Imphal West recording the highest count at 828, according to State Malaria Officer, Dr. S Priyokumar. While three Dengue-related deaths have been reported in the same period, these cases have not yet been officially confirmed. There have been no reported cases of this vector-borne disease in Pherzawl this year.

The State Malaria Officer, NVBDCP Manipur data on October 6 gives total Dengue cases in Manipur as 1156 with Imphal West having 815 cases, followed by Imphal East (193). Till the 6th of October, Pherzawl and Tamenglong are Dengue-free.

Dr. Priyokumar emphasized that Dengue infections are preventable, even though there is currently no vaccine available for this disease. The Government has implemented various initiatives to prevent Dengue outbreaks, including fogging and source detection efforts across the State, as well as campaigns to eliminate mosquito breeding sites, along with awareness programs to educate the public.

Dengue mosquitoes lay their eggs in water-filled containers within and around homes, such as bottles, containers, and tires. To prevent the disease, Dr. Priyokumar urged people to dispose of unused tires, broken utensils, or any containers that can hold water. He clarified that Dengue mosquitoes breed exclusively in clean water.

Dr. Priyokumar revealed that they discovered Dengue mosquito breeding sites in a flower pot in Langthabal and the external tray on the rear side of a refrigerator in Thangmeiband.

He encouraged everyone to maintain clean surroundings, wear long sleeves and long pants during the day when these mosquitoes are most active, and be aware that symptoms can appear within 7 to 15 days if bitten by Dengue-infected mosquitoes.