Politics of Urea in Manipur

No needy farmers will ever resort to scattering the much-needed Urea on the concrete floor of the Agri office

Unlike the previous government, the Biren 2:0 govt is working systematically in addressing the farmer’s problems effectively. The coordination between the Chief Minister N Biren and Agriculture Minister Th Biswajit is seen clearly in the new innovative distribution of Urea fertilisers to farmers. Yet, some people with vested interest are playing politics of Urea in … Read more

School protest against bomb blast in school

Condemning the June 5 IED blast at the Little Flower School (LFS) in Imphal, students and faculties of the school conducted a protest demonstration in front of the school on Monday. They demanded a violence-free education zone.The protesters held placards with slogans that reads, “Stop violence,” “Allow us to grow without fear,” “we condemned bomb … Read more

Race for cabinet portfolio in Biren led government

5april22 1

It is almost two weeks after the formation of BJP government in Manipur with CM N Biren as the formidable leader for the second consecutive term. Now, the race for cabinet portfolio in Biren led government is a puzzle game. On March 21, 6 MLA took oath as Cabinet Minister lead by N Biren. Th … Read more

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