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Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Unlike the previous government, the Biren 2:0 govt is working systematically in addressing the farmer’s problems effectively. The coordination between the Chief Minister N Biren and Agriculture Minister Th Biswajit is seen clearly in the new innovative distribution of Urea fertilisers to farmers. Yet, some people with vested interest are playing politics of Urea in Manipur.

This is bound to happen as the Local bodies elections are happening within few months. The present system of distributing Urea in the State is the best ever. The legitimate genuine farmers are getting the Urea at much cheaper rates. There are no middleman who were selling Urea in black market at higher price every season.

Urea fertilisers are available in the State and the concerned authority are working at their best level to channelise the distribution system. This time, farmers are provided the Ureas based on their Patta and verification documents like copy of Aadhar Cards. A farmer having one sangam of paddy field was provided minimum 25 kg of Urea in some areas. This was to be used at start of of Louhol hunba and transplantation phase during June-July. Till now, every farmers are getting more than one bag of Urea.

As per the reliable source, the local MLA and officials of District and Block level Agri officers are looking after the supply of Urea. There are no farmers left out in the State.Therefore the politics of Urea are things of the past.

However, the controversial claim by one elected representative from Lamsang AC that farmers were not provided Urea is unfortunate and must be taken seriously. The said Assembly Constitution is having a BJP MLA in the ruling bench and such news is uncalled for.

The news in social media hints that Agriculture Minister do not entertained the letter from Chief Minister with regards to the issue of Urea. Such news must be carefully scrutinized before coming out to the public domain.

So far, the positive vibes between Chief Minister N Biren and Agriculture Minister Th Biswajit is riding high. It seems some leaders with hidden agendas are trying hard to create a sour relationship between the two leaders.

Recently, some miscreants have ransacked the Urea Godown in Lamphelpat, destroying more than 50 bags of Urea and even demanded the Agri Minister to resign without any valid reasons.

The point here is for the particular Lamsang AC, the Agriculture Department have allocated 6700 bags of Urea so far. In addition to this, the District Agricultural Officer of Imphal West have sanctioned another 7513 bags to be used in the 13 AC of Imphal West for emergencies and supply shortages. The Director of Agriculture clearly mentioned that farmers from Lamsang AC must be getting the said Urea through proper channels.

The Assistant Fertiliser Officer of the Department have mentioned that they have discussed the problems of the farmers with the Zila Parishad of Potsangbam. The issue has nothing to do with the Agriculture Minister. In case of any grievances, the farmers must approach the concerned authority and not the intending candidates.

Farmers must stay away from politicians and intending candidates who are opportunist and playing politics of Urea. There is no shortages of Urea for the farmers. The concerned Department along with the local MLA are doing the best service this season!

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