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34 New Police Outposts Along Indo-Myanmar Border

Last Updated on October 20, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ October 20, 2023 (SPN) | As part of the State Government’s move to combat transnational unauthorized immigration and curb illegal activities, 34 new police outposts along Indo-Myanmar border will be established soon. The announcement came during a press conference held by the Director General of Police (DGP) for Manipur, Rajiv Singh, at the police headquarters in Babupara.

DGP Rajiv Singh began by extending warm wishes to the public as Manipur Police celebrated its 132nd raising day. He emphasized that the new police outposts would be swiftly established along the border to strengthen security measures and prevent illegal activities.

Currently, a 10-kilometer stretch of fencing along the border has been completed, and progress on the fencing work was discussed with senior officials of the construction agency, the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, and DGP.

In addition to physical security measures, the state is also working on identifying illegal immigration through biometric data capture.

DGP Rajiv Singh praised the efforts of Manipur Police in managing a crisis that erupted on May 3, despite initial misunderstandings and miscommunication. He highlighted the cooperation between central security forces and the general public as instrumental in gradually restoring normalcy in the state.

The DGP emphasized the pivotal role played by state police and central security forces, including the Indian Army, in controlling violence and apprehending anti-social elements in both the hills and the valley regions.

Furthermore, Rajiv Singh stressed the importance of dialogue and cooperation between communities to achieve lasting peace, particularly in areas facing communal tensions.

Addressing the issue of drug trade, which is a significant concern in Manipur, the DGP called for active support from all communities. He acknowledged the state’s vulnerability to the drug menace and highlighted the Central government’s special focus on addressing this issue.

Rajiv Singh revealed plans for police modernization, including infrastructure improvements, enhancements to forensic science equipment, laboratories, and cybercrime assets to address various challenges facing the state. A special police investigative wing, modeled after agencies like the NIA and CBI, is also in the works.

The DGP expressed his gratitude to the public for working closely with Manipur Police during the crisis. He paid tribute to the fallen police and central security personnel and urged civil society organizations of all communities to cooperate with the government in resolving issues and restoring peace and normalcy in the state.

Considering the state’s significant tourism potential, he encouraged the public to collaborate in promoting peace and tourism development. The DGP also urged students to make the most of medical and technical institutes within the state.

Recognizing the need for more women personnel within the police force, Rajiv Singh discussed this issue with the Chief Minister, who assured that a recruitment drive for women police personnel would be initiated. Additionally, ration money for police personnel will be increased from Rs 2000 to Rs 2500 per month.

The challenges faced by Village Defence Force (VDF) personnel were also acknowledged, and steps will be taken to address their concerns.

DGP Rajiv Singh warned the public against individuals or groups exploiting the current crisis for personal gain and urged vigilance in identifying and avoiding such elements.

Key figures including ADGP (LO) L Kailun, ADGP (Intelligence) Ashutosh Kumar Sinha, and IGP (Administration) L Jayanta were also present at the press conference.