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AMUCO Responds to MPCC President’s Media Statement on Rahul Gandhi’s Remark

Last Updated on October 20, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/October 20, 2023 (SPN) | In response to recent accusations by the Congress party, the All Manipur United Clubs’ Organisation (AMUCO) has expressed its strong objection to the statement made by MPCC President K Meghachandra regarding AMUCO’s ultimatum for clarification on Rahul Gandhi’s remarks concerning the Manipur crisis.

AMUCO has asserted that the MPCC president’s media statement was primarily aimed at protecting the party’s high command and did not fully address the organization’s perspective on the matter.

According to AMUCO’s statement, the MPCC president’s response not only undermined the sentiments of the people but also failed to comprehensively discuss AMUCO’s stance on the issue. The organization made it clear that it would not accept such statements from the Congress party under any circumstances.

AMUCO emphasized that there is no need to dissect other portions of Rahul Gandhi’s statement, delivered during an election rally in Mizoram. Instead, the focus should be solely on the segment that has hurt the sentiments of the Manipuri people. AMUCO remains steadfast in its commitment to opposing any organization or political party that acts against the interests of the Manipuri population.

Regarding Rahul Gandhi’s statement, “Manipur is no longer one state, it is divided into two states,” AMUCO maintained that it does not seek to engage in baseless accusations akin to some political parties. Instead, the organization aims to address specific points.

AMUCO contended that Rahul Gandhi’s choice of words aligns with the propaganda commonly employed by entities striving to disintegrate Manipur. Therefore, his use of such language either directly or indirectly lends support to those working towards Manipur’s division, according to AMUCO.

AMUCO firmly warned against the politicization of its statements, emphasizing that its objective is not to protect or justify Rahul Gandhi’s remarks. The organization questioned why the MPCC president categorized AMUCO’s stance as being aligned with the BJP, or whether this assertion was simply a response to Rahul Gandhi’s statement.

It pointed out that if AMUCO is viewed as a mouthpiece of the BJP, then it follows that MPCC could be perceived as a covert supporter of those attempting to disintegrate Manipur.

AMUCO further demanded that the MPCC publicly declare whether it supports or accepts Rahul Gandhi’s statement, and whether it intends to provide clarification on the matter. The organization’s stance remains clear: it is dedicated to safeguarding the interests and unity of Manipur and its people.