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After Moreh, Kuki Militants Attempt to Cleanse Meitei From Kwatha

Last Updated on July 22, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/July 22, 2023 (SPN) | After ethnic cleansing, Meitei from the border town of Moreh on May 3 and 4, the Kuki Militants made a tumultuous attempt to attack Kwatha village yesterday.

The incident resulted in a tense standoff with Assam Rifles troops. The rally which was organized by the Kuki Women Union and Human Rights started peacefully but escalated into a dangerous situation, similar to the so-called Peace rally which was organized in Churachandpur on May 3.

Around 2000 Kukis, both men and women, gathered at Moreh Kut Ground at 10 am for the rally, which was intended to raise awareness about their concerns.

However, at the conclusion of the event around 3 pm, the atmosphere turned hostile, and the protesters headed towards Kwatha village, allegedly with the intention to attack and burn it down.

The situation was intercepted by troops from 5 Assam Rifles, who managed to stop the mob near the entrance of Kwatha village. Concerned about the safety of Kwatha Khunou, all the Meitei were evacuated to Kwatha Khunjao.

Kwatha village holds historical significance, dating back to the days of King Senbi Kiyamba (1467–1508), and is considered a vital Meitei village in the Manipur hills.

Kwatha Khunou, with 87 houses and 319 residents, faces vulnerability due to the recent events. The authorities have taken measures to protect the village by deploying one company of Assam Rifles troops to Kwatha Khunjao.

It’s worth noting that the three communities – Naga, Meitei, and Kuki – have been living peacefully together amidst the ongoing Manipur crisis.

National media previously covered their heartwarming story, showcasing how they’ve come together to safeguard their villages.

Unfortunately, in another incident, Kuki militants launched a fresh and fierce attack from Luwangshangol near Sekmai.

They fired incessantly, including mortar shells, towards Khongnangpokpi Kom village, Phouintop Sabi, and surrounding areas, forcing Meitei people from nearby villages to flee to safer locations.

The firing, which occurred from 3.10 pm to 3.30 pm, was followed by the construction of bunkers by the Kuki militants on the hill range of Phouintop Sabi, where they established control over the area.

Additionally, reports have emerged of a brief gunfight between Kuki militants and village defense volunteers at Kongba Maru around 1.30 pm. This adds to the growing tensions and insecurity in the region.