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Kuki Militants Set Ablaze Meitei Sacred Site Kongba Maru Laiphamlen

Last Updated on July 7, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/July 7, 2023(SPN) | In a distressing turn of events, heavily armed Kuki militants descended from nearby hills and set ablaze parts of the Meitei sacred site, Kongba Maru Laiphamlen in Imphal East yesterday.

The incident also involved the firing of several rounds of bullets at Meitei settlements. Kongba Maru Laiphamlen is situated at a distance of around 22 kilometers from Imphal

At approximately 2 pm, the Kuki militants launched their attack, targeting various structures, including the office of Poirei Eethiba Lup and properties associated with the Meitei sacred site. The well-coordinated assault shocked and angered the local community.

Upon receiving news of the incident, state police commandos swiftly responded, accompanied by a large force from the Gorkha Regiment. In an effort to drive away the militants, security forces fired several rounds toward the nearby hills.

However, due to worsening weather conditions, the forces were forced to retreat from the area. They subsequently relocated to Eshingthenbi village and surrounding areas to ensure the safety and security of the villagers.

As tension gripped the area, residents emerged from their houses, standing vigilant at various locations to protect their community.

The arson and attack on Meitei settlements have sparked outrage among the people, who condemn the act in the strongest terms.

Mutum Maniton Meitei, the General Secretary of UKAL (Umanglai Kanba Apunba Lup), expressed strong condemnation of the attack and the burning down of the sacred place of worship.

This incident marks yet another instance where Kuki militants have targeted Meitei sacred site and places of worship belonging to the Meitei community.

In recent times, similar acts have been carried out at Koubru, Thangjing, and Kongba, causing distress and anguish among the Meitei people.

Maniton further appealed to the Governor and the Chief Minister to take immediate action against the Kuki militants and put an end to the violence.

The urgency of the situation necessitates swift intervention to restore peace and security in the affected area.

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