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Golden Jubilee of Khoibu village, Khangshim celebrated

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Manipur Rajya Sabha MP and Maharaja of Manipur Leishemba Sanajaoba took part as Chief Guest in the Golden Jubilee celebration of Khoibu village in Khangshim which was held in Chandel district.

The Khangshim village turns 50 years of its existence (1972-2022) on Wednesday.

The Khangshim Khoibu village Golden Jubilee celebration was organized by the Village Authority under the theme, “God Our Foundation, Refuge, and Fortress”.

Khoibu village
Golden Jubilee celebration of Khoibu village in Khangshim.

The Tribal Affairs & Hills Minister, Letpao Haokip, and Khangshim village chief Aangshim Tontang also graced the function as presidium members.

The celebration began with the hoisting of the Golden Jubilee flag by Letpao Haokip followed by the unveiling of the Jubilee Monolith by the Minister and MP Leishemba Sanajaoba.

Cultural songs, dance, releasing of a Jubilee souvenir, and the presentation of gifts to founders, office bearers, and former chiefs of the village were the main highlights of the event.

Addressing the gathering, Leishemba Sanajaoba extended his warm greetings to the people and expressed his joy at witnessing the people of the Khoibu village preserve its identity and culture for so long.

He also stressed on the need to preserve the traditions and culture of the forefathers. “We must move towards modernization and not westernization, Let’s take part in modernization, keeping our roots strong”, he added.

In his speech, MP Leishemba Sanajaoba said that God created every human equally. But, due to habitation, different food habits, languages, cultures, and traditions differ from one another. Even though Manipur is a tiny state, different communities are living in co-existence.

Sanajaoba also compared Manipur to a beautiful garden where several flowers are grown. Khoibu village is unique in having its own language, culture, customs, and traditions. In ancient times, the Meitei king showered lands and high-ranking posts like Senapati to the brave and loyal Khoibu people of the State.

In the past, the small village and community were always at the receiving end and tortured by large communities. The Meitei king from time to time protect the small communities from the wrath and harassment of the big clans. These have led to the existence of several minor communities at present times. It is due to the intervention of kings that we are able to protect our own identity and cultures, else, Manipur will have only one community today.

Letpao Haokip shared that all the indigenous communities of the State should come together to promote peace, prosperity, and harmony in Manipur.