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PRJA Calls for Solidarity to Tackle Manipur Crisis

Last Updated on July 9, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/July 9, 2023 (SPN) | In a bid to address the deepening existential crisis in Manipur, the People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance (PRJA) has called upon political parties, civil society organizations, Meira Paibi Lups, and local clubs to unite and present a formidable front against the prevailing challenges.

Emphasizing the urgent need for action, PRJA has stated that the political class must demonstrate vision and work collectively to bring an end to the ongoing conflict, alleviating the pain and suffering endured by the common people.

Highlighting the imminent threat faced by Manipur as a multi-ethnic and diverse state, the Alliance argues that attempts to bifurcate or trifurcate the region along ethnic lines should be vehemently resisted.

Drawing a historical parallel, PRJA emphasizes that Manipur should not be viewed through the lens of 1940s Germany, and any endeavor to disintegrate the state is destined to fail.

PRJA further contends that the failure of Manipur as a multi-ethnic state would have broader implications, signaling a potential failure for India as a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and diverse country. The Alliance stresses that India’s strength lies in its diversity, a principle that holds true for Manipur as well.

Addressing recent acts of violence against the Meitei community, PRJA condemns the unprovoked and unprecedented attacks, labeling them devoid of any logical justification.

Furthermore, the Alliance points out that cross-border terrorists have also targeted the Meiteis, indicating that the situation in Manipur transcends mere law and order concerns, constituting a case of external aggression. PRJA calls upon the Ministry of Defence to take decisive action to eliminate these cross-border terrorist groups.

In addition to the attacks on the Meitei community, PRJA highlights other heinous crimes perpetrated in Manipur, such as sabotaging water pipes, blocking National Highway-2 for an extended period, and even firing upon farmers.

The Alliance firmly denounces these acts as crimes against humanity and cautions against the establishment of separate administrations as a response to such provocations, fearing that it would set a dangerous precedent.

PRJA warns that if separate administrations are granted after every communal conflict, India could potentially witness the proliferation of thousands of separate administrations, leading to administrative chaos.

PRJA claims that the conflict in Manipur holds international ramifications and asserts that India’s foreign policy, particularly its efforts to counter Chinese influence in the region, has inadvertently emboldened Kuki-Chin terrorist organizations.

As a result, these terrorist groups have intensified their attacks on the indigenous people. The Alliance insists that stringent measures should be implemented to control these terrorist groups and restore peace in Manipur.

It further contends that successive central and state governments have allowed these Kuki terrorist organizations to flourish and gain power.

According to PRJA, more than 20 such groups are currently active and pose a significant threat to the indigenous population.

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