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UMO Calls for Clarification from Thounaojam Brinda

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/July 9, 2023 (SPN) | The Universal Mothers Organisation (UMO) has urged Thounaojam Brinda, the former candidate of Yaiskul Assembly Constituency, to provide clarification regarding her campaign demanding President Rule in the state.

In a press statement released by UMO President Moirangthem Sorojini Leima, Brinda has been criticized for using the title “Former Police Officer” despite her previous participation as a Janata Dal (United) candidate in the last Assembly elections.

Sorojini highlighted that Brinda is a full-time politician seeking another opportunity to contest elections and should not conceal her political identity.

UMO further alleges that Brinda is operating behind a mask with an ulterior motive to gain political mileage. The organization accuses Brinda of misleading innocent people during a press conference held at her residence on June 27.

They claim that she has been campaigning against the present government in various locations and advocating for the imposition of President’s Rule, which is not in the best interest of the people. UMO perceives her behavior as shortsighted, self-centered, and potentially advantageous to the enemies who seek to exploit the ongoing crisis in Manipur.

The press statement also points out that Brinda allegedly stated that 92 percent of the state’s land comprises hills, while the remaining 8 percent consists of valley areas. Brinda claimed that poppy cultivation occurs in these 92 percent of hills, which UMO argues is incorrect.

UMO asserts that only one particular community engages in poppy cultivation in the hills, and there are no reports of other indigenous communities being involved in such activities. UMO calls for Brinda to clarify her statements and address the issue of linking indigenous communities with the Kukis and stereotyping them as poppy planters.

Additionally, Brinda has reportedly made serious allegations that wealthy individuals residing in the hills and valleys have acquired their wealth through drug money. UMO strongly condemns these accusations, as they cast doubt on the integrity of hardworking entrepreneurs, professionals, and honest business owners.

Regarding the imposition of President Rule in Manipur, Brinda allegedly stated that no Meitei individuals were killed during the tenure of President Rule and that people should not fear the Indian Army during such a period.

UMO argues that these statements reflect Brinda’s inaccurate understanding of politics and governance. The Mothers of Manipur vehemently denounce her words.

UMO emphasizes that a politician who believes in democracy should not advocate for President Rule, which contradicts the very essence of elected representatives.

They assert that freedom of speech cannot be guaranteed when the state lacks its own elected leaders, and the government falls under external control.

UMO pledges to stand in solidarity and appeals to the people to unite in defense against external forces alongside the Manipur government.