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ANSAM Condemns Assault on Former Leader Wanglar Thiirtung by Assam Rifles

Last Updated on September 9, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ September 09, 2023 (SPN) | The All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM), has reported that Wanglar Thiirtung Monsang, the former president was subjected to a “brutal assault” by Assam Rifles personnel without any apparent reason. The incident occurred on September 7 around 7:30 PM when the victim was returning home from work in Imphal.

The ANSAM strongly condemned this “heinous act” by the 26 Assam Rifles in Bijoypur, Kakching district, where former ANSAM president Wanglar Thiirtung Monsang was subjected to a brutal assault.

The Naga student body considers this unlawful act by the Assam Rifles as a direct attempt on Wanglar Thirthung’s life, with suspicions that it may be part of a hidden agenda to escalate the current volatile situation in Manipur by targeting innocent Nagas.

According to the ANSAM, Wanglar Thiirtung was initially stopped by Manipur police commandos, but after frisking, he was allowed to pass.

However, he was stopped again by the Assam Rifles a few meters away and subjected to severe beating without any apparent reason, as alleged by the Naga student body.

The ANSAM expressed doubts about the Assam Rifles’ motives and questioned their role as “friends of the hill people” for failing to protect citizens. They raised concerns about law enforcement agencies turning into lawbreakers.

The Naga student body expressed its concerns, stating, “What can we expect from law enforcement agencies that are meant to uphold the law when they themselves become lawbreakers.”

In response to the incident, the ANSAM demanded an immediate response and a formal apology from the concerned officers involved. They also called for appropriate punishment for the Assam Rifles personnel responsible for the assault.

The ANSAM warned that if these demands were not met, they would proceed to take further serious actions.