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Center for Sanamahi Studies in Manipur University of Culture

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Vice Chancellor of the Manipur University of Culture, P Gunindro gave nods to open the Center of Sanamahi Studies. This is the first of its kind where academic research and teachings of Sanamahism will be facilitated.

The steps to open a separate department for the research and studies of Meitei Sanamahism will definitely promote the religion. Sanamahism, one of the oldest religions in the world will now have many researchers who will be dealing with the religion and philosophy academically.

This is in fact the second renaissance of Sanamahism. We must show gratitude to those forefathers who revived the religion way back in the 1930s. It is due to their efforts that Sanamahism exists today. The Center for Sanamahi Studies will surely fill the academic space which is needed to preserve and promote the Sanamahi religion.

With the newly established Center for Sanamahi Studies, there is possibility of in-depth research on Meitei puya (ancient manuscripts) will be encouraged. The Center is expected to promote the philosophy, theology, creation theory, rites, and rituals enshrined in Sanamahism.

Canter for Sanamahi Studies
Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple at Haying Khongbal in Imphal.

The history of modern-day Manipur or Meitei civilization dates back to 20,000 years as per the archeological findings at Kangla in Imphal. Much before the settlement at Kangla, the Sanamahi religion exist in the Koubru peaks and other hills surrounding the Kangla.

The Center’s role will be very important in finding the timeline of Sanamahism. This will help the researchers to study more about the decline of religion, the revival, and the peak period of Sanamahism as well. The Center for Sanamahi Studies will also help the followers of Sanamahism to preserve and protect the religious sites associated with the Meitei civilization.

While doing so, it is the request from different sections of people to provide relaxation while seeking admission to the course at this particular department. There are several independent researchers who are working selflessly to preserve and promote the Sanamahi religion.

The Manipur University of Culture must provide an academic platform to encourage these sections of researchers, followers, and writers who are working independently so far. Most of them are not highly qualified degree holders, but their enthusiasm to preserve the Sanamahi religion compels them to do research.

Considering their interest and dedication to promoting Sanamahism, there must be a minimum entry-level qualification to study and undergo research in this Center for Sanamahi Studies.

The world will soon recognize the Sanamahi religion. The Center will also bring peace and unity among the indigenous people living in the region which have common ancestral history.

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