Center for Sanamahi Studies in Manipur University of Culture

Center for Sanamahi Studies

The Vice Chancellor of the Manipur University of Culture, P Gunindro gave nods to open the Center of Sanamahi Studies. This is the first of its kind where academic research and teachings of Sanamahism will be facilitated. The steps to open a separate department for the research and studies of Meitei Sanamahism will definitely promote … Read more

Popularity of Nongma Panba Sajibu Cheiraoba

Kombirei flower from Manipur

Nongma Panba Sajibu Cheiraoba is gaining popularity among the new Meitei generations. Some decades ago, only few families celebrate Cheiraoba on Nongma Panba (as new lunar year). No one could imagine such a huge surge in the celebration of Nongma panba Cheiraoba. Our state is often known as ‘land split into two’. We always have … Read more

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