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CM Hands Over Temporary Shelter Homes for Manipur Crisis Victims

Last Updated on August 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/August 24, 2023 (SPN) | Chief Minister N Biren inaugurated and handed over temporary shelter homes to the affected families during a ceremony held at the Sajiwa Jail Complex in Imphal East on Wednesday.

On the occasion, CM N Biren affirmed that the ongoing violent crisis in Manipur will serve as a global testament to the triumph of truth over falsehood.

Families displaced from their homes and those whose houses have been ravaged by the current violent crisis are now finding refuge in prefabricated temporary shelters provided by the Government.

These shelter homes have been erected as part of the Scheme for Providing Temporary Shelter Homes to Displaced Families, resulting in a total of 3000 shelter units.

Following the inauguration of 300 temporary shelter homes by the Chief Minister, internally displaced persons (IDPs) who had sought shelter in various relief camps across the Imphal East district have started relocating to these temporary shelter homes.

A significant number of IDPs making this transition today are from the Ikou and Leitanpokpi areas of Imphal East.

Addressing the gathering, N Biren emphasized that the State Government has been unwavering in its commitment to alleviate the suffering of the IDPs.

He mentioned that the Council of Ministers and the ruling MLAs have been actively overseeing the situation, convening meetings at least twice a week to explore all possible avenues to restore peace and normalcy.

The outbreak of violence occurred without a clear provocation. While the Government had not initially responded to a High Court order, certain elements deliberately orchestrated the chaos, according to Biren.

“Despite the deliberate instigation of violence, I believe in the presence of a higher power. Those who intentionally fueled this violence will face divine retribution. Such heinous acts that led to the loss of numerous lives and rendered thousands homeless, creating an atmosphere of animosity among people who once coexisted peacefully, will not escape divine justice,” asserted Biren.

“The truth will inevitably prevail,” he added.

While acknowledging his current inability to pinpoint the precise triggers of the violent crisis, Biren assured that the State Government is diligently working towards reinstating the IDPs to their original habitats.

Biren revealed that the temporary shelter homes have been constructed at an overall cost of around Rs 149 crore, with Rs 101 crore already disbursed by the Union Home Minister through the Prime Minister’s Office.

He further disclosed plans for the construction of 320 prefabricated houses in Kwakta, 200 in Sawombung, and 400 in Yaithibi Loukon, Kakching, aimed at providing temporary rehabilitation for the displaced.

Additionally, efforts to construct permanent residences at their original locations are underway, with a preliminary survey initiated for the purpose.

Biren stated that approximately 700 prefabricated temporary shelter homes are earmarked for construction in Kangpokpi, alongside an additional 800 in Churachandpur.

He underscored that the families affected by the crisis will receive priority under the Government’s “One Family, One Livelihood” scheme. Dedicated teams of Government officials have been constituted to oversee the scheme’s implementation.

The Chief Minister also noted that Union Home Minister Amit Shah is actively monitoring the situation virtually in Churachandpur, Moreh, Kangpokpi, and Imphal.

“We are actively pursuing a political solution to the current crisis and are confident in our ability to achieve it. Simultaneously, efforts to identify illegal immigrants and gather biometric data will continue unhindered,” reiterated the Chief Minister.

The crisis has galvanized indigenous communities, emphasizing their unity in the face of adversity. Biren firmly asserted that Manipur shall remain undivided under all circumstances.

Radiating optimism, he expressed confidence in the imminent restoration of normalcy, attributing it to the combined efforts of women’s organizations, civil society groups, church leaders, and the general public.

In response to media inquiries, Biren assured that the construction of prefabricated houses in the valley would be completed within the next 15-20 days. He added that similar constructions in Kangpokpi and Churachandpur would also be expedited.

The event was attended by Forest, Environment and Climate Change Minister Th Biswajit, MAHUD Minister Yumnam Khemchand, Health Minister Dr Sapam Ranjan, Social Welfare Minister Heikham Dingo, Transport Minister Khasim Vashum, and various MLAs and senior Government officials, among others.