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Coordinating Body Khurai Extends Condolences on the Passing of Loushangbam Birjit

Last Updated on November 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Coordinating Body Khurai extends its heartfelt condolences on the untimely passing of Loushangbam Birjit from Khurai Thangjam Leikai. Late Birjit, a former Cooperator of Imphal Municipal Council Ward No. 23, played an active role within the Coordinating Body and COCOMI.

Birjit was a courageous member of the Coordinating Body Khurai deeply involved in the ongoing struggle against the Narco Kuki Terrorists, which commenced on May 3, 2023. He selflessly dedicated himself to aiding the Meitei communities affected by Manipur violence instigated by the Kukis from Churachandpur, Moreh, and Ikou.

Sadly, Loushangbam Birjit passed away on November 10 after battling an illness, as stated by Thoidingjam Bon Khurai, the spokesperson for the Coordinating Body Khurai, in a press release. A condolence gathering held at the organization’s office observed a moment of silence in honor of his memory.

Their prayers and thoughts are with the departed soul of Loushangbam Birjit, wishing him eternal peace in the heavens. Birjit’s unwavering commitment to defending Meetei villagers against the Narco Kuki Terrorists and his efforts to protect innocent lives were exemplary.

Additionally, he dedicated himself to the rehabilitation of internally displaced Meetei individuals seeking refuge in relief camps. The loss of Birjit during this critical juncture is deeply felt by the organization and the wider society.

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