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Declare Manipur as a “Hill State”- Manipur Patriotic Party

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/June 30, 2023 (SPN)| The Manipur Patriotic Party (MPP) demanded the declaration of Manipur as Hill State in their Political Conference on Thursday.

The “One-Day Political Conference on the Present Crisis in Manipur” was organized at the Conference Hall of Yenning Realty Ltd., located in Singjamei Yumnam Leikai, Imphal on June 29, 2023.

The conference aimed to find a lasting solution to the ongoing crisis that has gripped the state. Key members of the Manipur Patriotic Party, including Shri Ningthoujam Sonarjit Singh (President), Shri Thingujam Biren Meitei (Vice-President), and Shri Naorem Mohen (General Secretary, org), served as the presidium members for the event.

During the conference, General Secretary (org) of Manipur Patriotic Party Naorem Mohen emphasized the gravity of the situation in Manipur, describing it as a form of narco-terrorism that is intricately linked to the Kuki community’s aspiration for a separate homeland.

To support his assertion, he referred to a report by India Today, which highlighted the purchase of arms and ammunition by Chin-Kuki militants from Myanmar. These illicit imports were intended to fuel violence and instability in Manipur.

According to Mohen, the activities of the Chin-Kuki militants and their supporters are sustained by drug money, which finances their terrorist acts. He emphasized that this conflict cannot be classified as a mere ethnic dispute since it involves armed militants engaging in combat with civilians.

The situation in Manipur goes beyond ethnic tensions and warrants urgent attention and appropriate measures to address the complex dynamics at play.

Vice President of Manipur Patriotic Party, Biren Meitei expressed concern about the Assam Rifles’ close ties with the SoO Kuki militants. He claimed that this relationship has led to a sense of camaraderie between the Assam Rifles and the militants, resulting in their assistance to the Kuki aggression against the Meiteis.

Meitei further mentioned that this has caused anger among the Meitei community, leading them to demand the abrogation of the SoO agreement. Consequently, the Assam Rifles have lost the trust of the people of Manipur.

In his Presidential speech, Sonarjit Singh addressed the awakened Meitei warrior instincts in the face of the Kuki militant activities. He noted that the peaceful Vaishnavite faith and the traditional belief in harmonious coexistence, including with fellow humans, have historically subdued the Meitei community’s fighting spirit.

However, due to the ongoing aggression from the Kuki narco-terrorists, the Meiteis retaliated, showcasing their prowess as warriors and their dedication as strong patriots willing to sacrifice for their motherland.

During the conference, several resolutions were adopted by the participants in an effort to defend the cause of Manipur. These resolutions included:

  • Declaring Manipur as a “Hill State” through a presidential proclamation.
  • Abolishing Kangpokpi district and integrating its areas with neighboring districts such as Senapati, Ukhrul, Kamjong, Imphal West, and Imphal East.
  • Establishing a new district named Moirang by merging Kangvai, Tuibong, Churachandpur, and Saikot subdivisions with the Moirang sub-division, paying homage to the folklore and history of Moirang, known as the Moirang Kangleirol. The remaining parts of the Churachandpur district would be merged with Noney, Chandel, and Pherzawl districts.
  • Abolishing the Kuki chieftainship and the chiefs’ absolute control over land ownership, which is responsible for the oppression and exploitation of ordinary Kuki people.
  • Amending the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Amendment Act, 2002, by removing “Any Kuki Tribes” from the list of Scheduled Tribes in Manipur. This amendment is proposed to prevent illegal Chin-Kuki immigrants from using this category to gain recognition as Manipuri Scheduled Tribes.
  • Identifying and deporting all illegal immigrants who settled in Manipur after 1951 to their places of origin.
  • Implementing constitutional provisions to safeguard Manipur’s boundaries as they existed at the time of Manipur’s merger with the Indian Union in 1949, along with all provisions of the merger agreement.
  • Abolishing the Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act, 1960 (MLR & LR Act 1960) to establish a uniform land-holding policy across the state.
  • Implementing measures to prevent the establishment of new villages consisting of a minimum of 20 households.
  • Restoring the Valley Village Reserve Forests that were granted by the Manipur State Durbar in 1932 to the foothill Meitei villages.
  • Formulating and implementing a suitable land use policy for the entire state of Manipur.
  • Imposing a complete ban on religious conversion drives, particularly those undertaken overtly by the Evangelical Church denomination. This resolution aims to prevent the emergence of militant distrust and enmity among followers of different religious beliefs due to sermonizing that promotes hatred toward other community’s belief systems.