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RK Imo Lambasts P Chidambaram on Ethnic Cleansing in Imphal Valley

Last Updated on September 4, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ September 04, 2023 (SPN) | Reacting to Congress leader P Chidambaram’s expression of deep concern over reports of the last five Kuki families in Imphal being forcibly removed from their homes by security forces and alleging the state government’s involvement in ethnic cleansing in Imphal valley, Sagolband MLA RK Imo expressed disappointment with the veteran politician’s perspective on the issues in Manipur.

The MLA also shared old photos of P Chidambaram enjoying the hospitality of Kuki militant leaders, possibly taken while signing the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement, which dates back to the DPA regime.

Imo argued that Chidambaram had failed to grasp the core issues at play in the state and accused him of presenting a one-sided representation that wouldn’t lead to a solution.

RK Imo emphasized the importance of addressing critical concerns such as illegal migration, narcotics, cross-border infiltration, insurgent groups under the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement violating ground rules, border fencing, and encroachment on reserved forests.

Imo further questioned whether central leaders had been adequately briefed about these issues by the state Congress leaders, pointing out that only the Home Minister had addressed these core matters in Parliament.

He expressed the view that a more proactive approach by the past government of Congress could have averted many of the existing tensions and conflicts.

“Rather than shaking hands with anti-national Myanmar-based insurgent groups, giving them Indian passports, and giving them a free hand, the then government should have acted thinking about the welfare of the people of the state,” the Sagolband MLA added.

Contrary to the notion of ethnic cleansing in Imphal Valley, Imo argued that it had taken place in Moreh and Churachandpur.

He further went on to claim that there are still Kuki brothers living in the Imphal area, and many desire to come back.

He assured that the government would work towards enabling people to return to their original places across the state in due course.

RK Imo lambasted P Chidambaram on Twitter as well.

“Utterly disappointed by the way P. Chidambaram sees the issues in the State of Manipur. He has failed to understand the core issues in Manipur. One-sided representation can never solve any issue; one should be brave enough to tell the real and full story, and such statements from a seasoned politician from INC India are certainly not appropriate, to say the least.

It seems our local INC Manipur leaders are not feeding their central leaders with the correct information; they seem to focus on PR in the State.”