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Meitei Not Allowed to Resettle in Kuki Zo Land Until Political Solution

Last Updated on September 2, 2023 by SPN Editor

Moreh/September 02, 2023 (SPN) | Over 4,000 members of the Kuki Zo people gathered at Moreh town in Tengnoupal district to express their strong opposition to the policy of deploying Meitei officials in Kuki Zo land.

The protest was meticulously organized under the banner of Kuki Inpi Tengnoupal district (KIT). Kaikholal Haokip, the spokesperson for KIT, said that Meitei is not allowed to resettle in Moreh until a political solution arrives for the Kuki Zo people.

Kaikholal Haokip stated that the Kuki Zo people in the Tengnoupal district stood united in their opposition to any attempt to resettle Meitei in Moreh town without a political solution in place. He emphasized that Meitei people serving in various security, police, and civil administration roles within Tengnoupal district should vacate the district which is Kuki Zo land immediately.

Furthermore, Kaikholal Haokip asserted that the indigenous Kuki Zo community would vehemently resist any efforts to resettle Meiteis in Moreh town and deploy Meitei government officers in the district unless a political solution was reached with the central government.

He made it clear, saying, “The plan for the resettlement of Meiteis in Tengnoupal district and Moreh town, along with the deployment of Meitei government officers in the district, is a concealed agenda of CM N Biren to subjugate and annihilate the indigenous Kuki Zo community. The Kuki Zo community will vehemently oppose this nefarious and ill-intentioned plan of the Chief Minister with all our strength.”

Kaikholal Haokip stressed the importance of prioritizing a political solution to address the concerns and grievances of all communities involved. Only after a comprehensive resolution is achieved should the question of resettlement be considered.

It may be noted that Kuki Zo burnt and damaged Meitei houses and temples on May 3 to cleanse Meitei from Moreh town. Reports of several Meitei Leikai names have been changed by the Kuki Zo as well. The abandoned houses were repeatedly looted and burnt by the miscreants.