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Enat Yokhat Lup keeps vigil on Umanglai Haraoba Laithou Kanglon

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

The social watchdog of Meetei culture, Enat Yokhat Lup (EYL), in a press statement, stressed following proper religious and customary ceremonies while performing the Umanglai Haraoba Laithou Kanglon.

The Secretary of EYL, Elangbam Bishorjit Meetei also expressed gratitude to every stakeholder for their immense morale support in preserving the culture of the aboriginal people (Leihou Yelhou Phurup) of the land last year.

EYL will begin inspecting the Umanglai Haraoba both within and outside the State. The caretaker of Laibung, Maiba, Maibi and Pena performers must follow the religious sanctity and customary rites and rituals of Lai Haraoba in a proper way.

Improper means of celebrating Lai Haraoba, which is the oldest practice of our Civilization must not be misguided to the present generations. Rather, it must be practiced and taught their spiritual and religious traditions to the present generations.

Enat Yokhat Lup will keep a strict vigil on the Lai Haraoba customary rituals in order to preserve, protect, and promote the Umanglai Haraoba Laithou Kanglon at the best level. This will help in safeguarding the Leihoumee Yelhou Phurup of the land.

Umanglai Haraoba Laithou Kanglon
Tangkhul Saba faces public wrath in Umanglai Haraoba in recent years (File Photo).

The Lup also warned people not to present the Laithou Thouram in bad light which will downgrade the religious sanctity of the Lai Haraoba. While dealing with those people, EYL will not compromise. We will punish the offenders who try to demean Lai Haraoba.

Civil Society Organisations and other bodies must refrain from supporting or canvassing for those people who are enemies of Meetei culture and religion. Instead of requesting to compromise and cover up their mistakes, CSO must support the Enat Yokhat Lup to keep the culture and traditions of our Society intact.

The press statement also wishes for the welfare of the people and the prosperity of the land by adequately performing the Umanglai Haraoba Laithou Kanglon (religious ceremonies) in the proper way.

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