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Umanglai Laifamlen preservation body ULYOK formed

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

In order to protect and preserve the diminishing Umanglai Laifamlen (sacred groves of Meitei deities), a Lup known as Umanglai Laifamlen Yokhat Lup (ULYOK) was formed yesterday.

Announcing the formation of ULYOK at the Manipur Press Club, the president of the newly formed association, Senjam Surjit informed the Signpost News that the rapid modernization and urbanization of the locality is a threat to the existence of Umanglai Laifamlen. If we take action on time, then we will be able to preserve the aged old heritage and culture of our society.

Senjam Surjit further said that in the last few decades, these sacred places of Meitei Umanglai Laifamlen have been encroached on by the construction of community hall and other structures, thereby destroying the sanctity of the Umanglai Laifamlen. “Such activities have been damaging the historical and natural environment of our Umanglai Laifamlen,” he added.

The ULYOK will try their best to preserve the Umanglai Laifamlen and form a team to promote and preserve Umanglai Laifamlen found in the Meitei villages outside Manipur. ULYOK will also oversee the proper Kanglon (procedure) of Umanglai Haraoba as per the ancient practices of our forefathers.

Meanwhile, the Umanglai Kanba Apunba Lup (UKAL) in a press statement has said that the Lup will organize a mass-scale awareness meeting on Umanglai Haraoba.

A press statement released by UKAL’s Publicity Secretary Th Ratankumar Meitei has said that UKAL will discuss the procedure for Umanglai Haraoba with the various Thougallup of Umanglai Laifamlen of the State. The UKAL will give important instructions on the Liklam and Kanglon of Lai Haoraoba so that the village and the State prosper through proper rites and rituals of Lai Haraoba.

Lai Haraoba in Umanglai laifamlen in Tripura.
Meitei Lai Haraoba in Tripura.

Some organizers of Umanglai Haraoba often failed to practice the real essence of the observations and they have been unable to comply with the rites and rituals found in the Lai Haraoba, causing nuisance and facing public complaints in the last few years. Therefore, the Lai Haraoba organizers and the Thougallup must clearly understand the dos and don’ts of Lai Haraoba from the expert before the actual performance of the Lai Haraoba.

The issue arises when miscreants among the crowds disturb the Maiba, Maibi, and Pena performers at the Laibung. When such untoward incidents are uploaded on Social media, then the religious performers and the Lup associated with Umanglai Haraoba also face humiliation from the public. To avoid such incidents, the organizers must take precautions as well.

As per the resolution of Mera Meefam (meeting at Mera month) in 2022, if any complaint is received during the Lai Haoraba, then there will be a ban for Lai Haraoba in the said Village for the coming years. Therefore, the Umanglai Laifamlen Thougallup as well as the Lai Haraoba Organizer must carefully follow the instructions and the rituals in a proper way.

The press release also said that there are rituals that need to be followed in the Umanglai Laifamlen on Nongma Panba and Thanil Numit every month. For this, some rites and rituals shall be performed during the Lai Haoraoba. Therefore, Lai Haroaba must be observed carefully with the advice of knowledgeable and resource persons.

Lastly, UKAL wishes every Leikai and village to observe Lai Haraoba in a meaningful and as per the rituals of Umanglai Haraoba for prosperity and peace in the State.

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