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Traffic police got attention of Chief Minister for his duty in heavy rains

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Viral video of a traffic police in Churachandpur got the attention of Manipur Chief Minister, N Biren Singh. Netizens appreciates the policeman’s dedication who was doing his job in the middle of the road without a bother for the rain as everyone around him was trying in a rush to escape the downpour. It was confirmed that the Traffic Police was Constable B T Henjoy Vaiphei from Churachandpur.

Appreciating the dedication of the traffic police who opted to serve people instead of sitting idle under any shelter in that much heavy rain CM N Biren uploaded on his Facebook post which reads :
“Came across this video of a traffic police personnel on duty in Churachandpur despite the heavy rain. His dedication to service is truly commendable. Tomorrow, I’ll be handing out a cash reward for his exemplary commitment to the serve the public “

As people ran helter-skelter to find a shelter from the rain, Constable B T Henjoy Vaiphei of Churachandpur Traffic Police stood in the pounding downpour to ensure that traffic flows smoothly. Henjoy Vaiphei was not wearing a raincoat or an umbrella to protect himself from getting drenched in the rain. Yet he stood at Tuibong traffic point.