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Oath-swearing ceremony for Umanglai Laiphamlen Yokkhat Lup performed

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

After forming the Umanglai Laiphamlen Yokkhat Lup (ULYOK) on 23rd January to protect, preserve and promote the Meetei Umanglai Laiphamlen in Manipur and outside the State, an oath-swearing ceremony was performed yesterday.

The oath-swearing ceremony for Umanglai Laiphamlen Yokkhat Lup was held in Nongdam Sanglen, Wakha Komla Ingkhol in the Imphal East district of Manipur.

The function was attended by the Advisor of ULYOK, Okram Manglem Meetei, and Legal Advisor Meisnam Korouhanba Luwang. Fifteen officer bearers of ULYOK take the oath of allegiance by offering flowers and fruits and lighting fires as per Meetei rituals.

Senjam Awangba (Surjit) has taken oath as President of ULYOK, Chingangbam Chingkheinganba Angomcha as Vice President, Luwang Ngangom Punsiba as General Secretary, and Haorongbam Yoihenba Khuman as Publicity & Information Secretary.

oath-swearing ceremony
Oath-swearing ceremony of Umanglai Laiphamlen Yokkhat Lup.

Eleven Executive members also took part in the oath-swearing ceremony. Yumnam Ranbir, Maynaglambam Chaoba, Ngangom Meiraba Luwang, Mangshatabam Khogen, Kangujam Mangal, Ningthoujam Mala, Khumukcham Tompok (Srinivash), Sanasam Nanao, Thingbaijam Malemnganba, Megha Heiremcha, and Sukham Sanjoy Meetei are the Executive members of Umanglai Laiphamlen Yokkhat Lup.