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AMBA seeks clarification from State BJP member

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Denouncing the statement of Manipur BJP member, Atif Asker Ali in his post on social media, the All Manipur Bar Association (AMBA) seeks clarification within seven days.

The Bar Association’s President Puyam Tomcha Meetei informed the media that one Atif Asker Ali has posted on his Social Media account that advocates who are associated with the ND & PS cases will be exposed. This hurts professional ethics.

Interacting with the press media at the complex of Cheirap court today, the AMBA office bearers brief the issues relating to the handling of ND& PS cases by the advocates in the jurisdiction of different courts of Manipur. The particular social media post seems to downgrade the professions.

AMBA seeks clarification from State BJP member, Atif Asker Ali.

The AMBA President further told that if Asker Ali does not understand the norms of the Judiciary, he must confess to the AMBA or on Social Media within Seven days. Further, AMBA will monitor the social media account of the BJP member.

In case, he failed to clarify within the stipulated time, then AMBA will seek legal action against Asker Ali.

Puyam Tomcha appreciates the govt effort in War on Drugs and also expresses that everyone is supporting the move of the present government in curbing the drug menace.

He continued, “It is unfortunate that six student bodies have announced that Advocate must not take cases related to drugs.”

Not only drug cases, but every accused person has the right to defend themselves under CRPC section 303. It will be better to understand legal matters before speaking in public domains.