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PMRM vouch for govt decision on 1961 as base year

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Urging the immediate need for the identification of native people of the State, the People’s Movement for Resurgent Manipur (PMRM) has appeal the people to support State Cabinet decision to use 1961 as base year.

Reiterating the role of Civil Society organizations, student bodies and the people in the marathon protest to implement Inner Line Permit System in Manipur, the organization acknowledge the supreme sacrifice of Sapam Robinhood in the agitations. Meanwhile PMRM also remember the mayhem of Churachandpur town where dozens of people have lost lives. The situation was controlled by the new BJP led government under the leadership of CM N Biren Singh who was successful in bringing an amicable solution.

The statement also mentioned that the Central leadership led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Amit Shah have announced the Biren led government to implement ILP in the state on December 11, 2019. This news was celebrated and everyone was hoping the native people will be safeguarded soon. On January 1, 2020, Manipur became one of the four Northeast States implementing ILP.

Till then, the government has been setting up check post at border of Manipur and issuing permits for the outsiders. It is confirmed that that a total number of 3,38,742 Inner Line Permits have been issued during the period of January 2020 to June 2022, out of which 37,153 permits have been renewed.

Recently, the State Cabinet has resolved to adopt 1961 as the Base Year for determining “Native” status for implementation of the Inner Line Permit System (ILPS) in the State.

PMRM believes that the unchecked influx of illegal migrants and foreigners will pose a grave threat to the future survival of the indigenous people. Foreigners should not be allowed to live in the State and they should not be allowed to cast vote. Non-native people should not be allowed to contest elections.

All these will be possible once the native status of our indigenous people is granted. Need of the hour is the complete implementation of ILP system, recognizing native people based on the Cabinet decision of cut off year 1961 as base year. A delayed in this process will further disturb the demographic imbalances of the State.

PMRM also demanded a clear and distinct definition of the indigenous people in the ILPS, maintaining of a proper and strict database of the ILPS, effective implementation of penalty to the violators of ILPS, establishment of a State Population Commission, exercising of NRC and establishment of a Land Reform Commission.

The establishment of State Population Commission, Land Reform Commission and the NRC will be possible if we support the government initiative to start identifying native status on priority basis. If we delayed the identification of native people, then our future will be in dark. The initiation of Trans Asian Highway passing through Manipur and the Trains touching Imphal capital and the adjoining foothills within the next few years will pose threat to the very existence of native people.

Lastly, PMRM request the state government and every stakeholders to expedite the process of executing 1961 as base year and determine the native people for implementation of ILP which is the only way to safeguard the people of the State.