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Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Union Minister of State for Education RK Ranjan on Saturday said that the only aspirational district of Manipur, Chandel is one of the worst performing districts in the education sector.

He further added that the school education sector in Manipur is in the 7th inferior level which is considered as one of the worst and pointed out the urgent need of giving more emphasis and thrust to school education.

“The matter is serious. Our future generation will not be able to compete in this competitive world if a solution is not sorted out,” he further said, adding that the government will be working to find out the loopholes in the education sector and take up the necessary measures to make education more accountable and affordable.

He narrated his findings during the visit to Chandel district for checking the ground reality and loopholes behind the slow development despite being an aspirational district. Ranjan said, “Developmental progress can be seen. However, we need a much bigger approach on some seven-eight sectors, especially education and health.”

Talking about the Health sector of the district, he pointed out the need for more radiologists, specialty doctors and manpower. Health infrastructure is well equipped, he added.

There are also loopholes in facilitating the drinking water to the citizens due to shortages of pipes and the issue will be apprised to the chief minister for his intervention, he said.

Considering the porous border in the district with Myanmar, he informed that the government under the Ministry of Home Affairs would soon issue unique ID cards for the citizens settling in the border area to screen the influx of illegal immigrants.

As per the overall findings, he said there is a lack of step-wise categorical processes in the development works. The matter will be apprised to the minister concerned to bring speedy development in the Chandel district.

He further cited the announcement made by the chief minister about establishing medical colleges in Churachandpur, Chandel, and Thoubal districts. He also suggested the chief minister give the first priority to Chandel as it is an aspirational district.

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