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iA Writer 7 Can Now Track What You or ChatGPT Wrote

Last Updated on December 2, 2023 by SPN Editor

iA Writer 7, the newest iteration of the streamlined writing software available on multiple platforms, has introduced a unique feature aimed at distinctly identifying text generated by AI systems like ChatGPT.

This pared-down writing application has incorporated an innovative authorship function intended to differentiate your original text from content produced by AI software like ChatGPT.

Your personal text appears in black, while you have the option to have AI-generated text that’s pasted into your iA document appear in a greyed-out format. This allows you to modify and adjust the AI contributions while keeping track of the proportion of text that is your own creation versus that which is AI-generated. Instead of allowing AI to act as a “ghostwriter” that “dominates” and causes you to “lose your voice,” the feature in iA Writer is designed to promote the use of AI as a “dialogue partner” that “stimulates more thought and improves your writing.”

In a recent blog post, the company elaborates on its approach to incorporating AI-generated text into writing. Instead of allowing AI to act as a “ghostwriter” that dominates and causes you to “lose your voice,” the feature in iA Writer is intended to inspire you to engage with AI as a “conversation partner” that stimulates more thoughtful writing.

A dialogue box inquires if you wish to insert text “with authorship.” iA Writer 7 has the ability to occasionally identify AI-generated text, but the decision to label it as such is discretionary.

Despite the automated aspects of the authorship feature, my initial testing revealed it to be predominantly a manual operation. As stated in iA’s blog post, “The choice of how truthful you want to be with yourself is yours.” The software was able to identify my AI text when I pasted it from the ChatGPT website on my desktop, but only when I included the original prompt with ChatGPT’s response. If I only copied the response from ChatGPT without my prompt, iA Writer failed to recognize it as AI text. To manually mark it as AI text, you can right-click, select “Paste As,” and then opt for “ChatGPT.”

Consequently, the feature is less about identifying plagiarism or applying watermarks to AI-generated content, and more about providing creatives with a tool to discern the often indistinct boundary between their own words and those generated by AI.

Features of iA Writer 7

iA Writer 7 is a pioneering application in the realm of Markdown writing. It’s designed with a minimalist interface that eliminates distractions, allowing writers to focus solely on their text.

One of its standout features is the Focus Mode. This unique tool brings the current sentence or paragraph into the spotlight, helping writers maintain their concentration on the task at hand.

Another key feature is the Markdown functionality. This tool empowers writers to create elegantly formatted text with ease, enhancing the readability and aesthetic appeal of their work.

The Syntax Highlight feature is another valuable tool in iA Writer 7. It assists writers in identifying weak verbs, unnecessary repetitions, and clutter in their text, thereby improving the overall quality and clarity of their writing.

The Style Check feature is designed to detect and eliminate any stale or clichéd language in the text, ensuring that the writing remains fresh and engaging.

The Wikilinks feature is a handy tool that lets writers create links between their notes. This facilitates easy navigation from one idea to another, enhancing the coherence and flow of their writing.

The Navigate feature simplifies the process of switching between documents and notes, making it effortless for writers to manage multiple pieces of work simultaneously.

The History feature allows writers to effortlessly navigate back and forth between the documents they’re working on, providing a convenient way to reference past work or revisit previous versions of a document.

The Pictures feature lets writers incorporate images using standard markdown, adding a visual element to their work.

Despite its minimalist design, iA Writer 7 provides a range of unique features specifically tailored for writing-focused tasks. It’s compatible with a variety of platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, making it a versatile tool for writers everywhere.

iA Writer 7 provides a 14-day free trial, giving you the opportunity to explore its features before deciding to upgrade. The software can be purchased for a one-time fee and is compatible with macOS, Windows, Apple, and Android devices. The pricing for different platforms is as follows: For Mac and iPad or iPhone, the cost is $49.99, while for Windows and Android, the price is $29.99.

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