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WOMBO has Launched a New AI Avatar Generator App Named WOMBO Me

Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by SPN Editor

Wombo, the creator of the viral AI-powered art app Dream by Wombo, has introduced a new AI avatar generator app named Wombo Me. This innovative application from the Canadian startup enables users to convert a single selfie into several lifelike avatars. The new AI avatar generator app, known as WOMBO Me: AI Avatar Generator, is accessible globally on both iOS and Android platforms.

WOMBO Me employs advanced AI technology to convert your headshot into lifelike avatars. It offers a wide range of options, from fun morphs to dramatic transformations. Users can adopt the persona of celebrities, film characters, or superheroes with just a tap. The new AI avatar generator app also provides the flexibility to mix features, experiment with hairstyles, or even change genders effortlessly.

Beyond realistic transformations, WOMBO Me is designed to provide amusement and push the boundaries of creativity. Users can explore amusing face filters, delve into AI-generated art, and share their transformed images with their loved ones. The app also facilitates direct sharing of creations on social media.

The new AI avatar generator app has a legacy to uphold, as its predecessor, Dream by Wombo, was a viral hit and was named Google’s “Best App”. It will be intriguing to see how users receive this new app. According to Benkhin, Wombo Me delivers high-quality images that are on par with, or even superior to, what’s currently available in the market. He also believes that the app’s ability to produce output from just a single image almost instantaneously offers users both convenience and accessibility.

While there are several popular AI avatar generator apps in the market, such as Lensa AI, Wombo aims to provide users with a more streamlined experience when creating lifelike avatars. Unlike other similar apps that require multiple selfies and a waiting period to get your images, Wombo Me needs only one selfie and can generate images almost instantly.

Wombo Me is designed to be more entertaining rather than functional. The app’s description suggests that users can share the avatars with their friends and on social media, and even use them on platforms like LinkedIn and Tinder to showcase both their professional and personal sides.

The app allows users to adopt the persona of celebrities, movie characters, or superheroes with a simple tap. Users can also experiment with new hair colors, styles, or makeup trends, among other features. Additionally, users can create gender-swapped images of themselves or reimagine themselves as magical characters.

Upon installation, the first screen users see is a selfie screen, which prompts them to provide a single image. Once they press continue, they see ten images of themselves in unique alternate realities. Users can swipe right or left in a Tinder-like experience to like and save the images. The feedback received will be used to enhance the user’s identity and the pictures generated to understand their preference and update it the next time.

After swiping through the set of images provided, users have the option to browse through a catalog or five to ten different packs of avatars that include LinkedIn-like headshots, Instagram-worthy pictures, magical characters, cartoon characters, meme characters, and more.

The WOMBO Me: AI Avatar Generator app, which uses advanced AI technology to transform your headshot into lifelike avatars, operates in a straightforward manner. Initially, the app requires access to your camera or photos, allowing you to either capture a new photo or select an existing one from your device.

The app then offers a wide array of characters and appearances, enabling you to impersonate celebrities, film characters, or superheroes. The AI technology of the app merges your image with the selected character or appearance, resulting in a seamless and authentic outcome. It can create playful morphs or transformative changes that surpass the ordinary. You can further personalize your avatar by blending features, experimenting with hairstyles, or even changing genders.

Once you’re satisfied with your avatar, the app allows you to share it directly on social media. This AI avatar generator app is available for free download, but it does offer in-app purchases, which could include additional features or content.

Some avatar packs are free, while others are priced at $2.99, $3.99, $4.99, or $7.99. The new app has a legacy to uphold, as its predecessor, Dream by Wombo, was a viral hit and was named Google’s “Best App” in the United States last year.

The AI avatar generator app has been downloaded more than 47 million times and has generated $4.3 million in gross revenue. Currently, the app is ranked No. 30 for downloads in the Graphics & Design category on the U.S. App Store.

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