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Indigenes Must Work Together to Save Manipur-Ashang Kasar

Last Updated on July 23, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ July 23, 2023 (SPN) | Manipur is for the indigenous population and as such, all indigenes must work together to save the state. Ashang Kasar, the convenor of the Forum for Restoration of Peace in Manipur, has emphasized the importance of unity among the indigenous population to safeguard the state.

Speaking at a discussion meeting organized by the Young Progressive Club, Takyel Kolom Leikai, under the theme “Eikhoi Mikap Thoklashi”, Ashang Kasar called for collective efforts to address the demands of ‘No separate administration, Save Manipur-Save India, Implement NRC in Manipur.’

Ashang stressed that despite the departure of 10 MLAs, there are still 50 MLAs who should join forces and work together to protect Manipur. Political parties were urged to put aside their interests and differences, focusing solely on the welfare of the state.

He advocated for a joint meeting between political parties and the 50 MLAs to strategize on the best course of action.

The convenor asserted that anyone failing to attend the meeting could be seen as having no interest in saving the state.

He emphasized the need to shun thoughts of segregation and emphasized the long-standing harmony among the indigenous communities in Manipur. Unity among these communities was vital to overcome the challenges the state is facing.

Ashang Kasar warned against allowing the violence to become a conflict of private interests, as it could lead to further division among the people. He suggested that Meira Paibis, a women’s social organization known for its peacemaking efforts, take a larger role in controlling the situation and preventing it from worsening.

Adding to the discussion, S Kula, the president of the All Manipur Meitei Defence Committee of India, acknowledged the seriousness of Manipur’s current turmoil. He called for identifying the root causes of the conflict and the entities responsible for its continuation.

Kula emphasized that the Meitei community would not tolerate disrespect but clarified that they are currently focused on defending themselves rather than resorting to aggression.

He warned that if the Meitei were to fight, it would have severe repercussions for everyone in Manipur. The ongoing conflict impacts not only the Meitei but also the future of the entire state.

The meeting saw attendance from experts, academicians, social activists, and other concerned individuals. The gathering stressed the urgent need for unity among all indigenous communities to protect the welfare and peace of Manipur.

Working together, they believe, will pave the way to overcome the challenges faced by the state and pave the path to a more secure and harmonious future.

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