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Kuki Militants Attack 16th Kumaon Regiment Using RPG 3 in Torbung

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ July 23, 2023 (SPN) | At approximately 2:00 am today, Kuki militants fired shots toward the 16th Kumaon Regiment stationed at Torbung Sabal Leikai using RPG 3. Subsequently, they continued their assault by firing mortar shells toward the 193 Bn D-Coy CRPF, deployed in Torbung, around 4 am on Sunday.

Three suspected Kuki militants were allegedly killed and one injured during the fierce gunfight in the Torbung area of Bishnupur district today. The clash occurred between security forces, village volunteers, and the Kuki militants, and lasted from late Saturday till early Sunday.

The confrontation between the armed militant groups resulted in a woman sustaining bullet injuries to her stomach around 4 am. The injured woman, identified as 24-year-old Seinaz, is currently receiving treatment at Raj Medicity in Imphal. She is the wife of Md Graffer Khan from Kwakta Ward No. 1.

An Assam Rifles bulletproof vehicle, stationed near the Kuki militant area, was also destroyed in a bomb blast initiated by the militants. Some Assam Rifles personnel may have been injured in the incident, according to sources.

The situation escalated further as the Kuki militants set fire to a school within their territory at around 6 pm on Saturday. Prior to the arson, the Kuki militants cleared the school premises. When the 10th Battalion BSF personnel and women attempted to approach the school, the militants opened fire.

In response to the attack, the BSF personnel retaliated. Additionally, the 16-Kumaon Regiment was dispatched to assist the BSF. Later, around 9 pm, village volunteers also joined the gunfight.

During the confrontation, some women who had accompanied the Kuki militants from the Kangvai side used a microphone to appeal for an end to the violence from both sides.

However, their pleas went unanswered, and the gunfight continued, resulting in the alleged death of three Kuki militants.

After a brief moment of silence from the Kuki’s side, an ambulance arrived at the scene. However, as soon as the ambulance left, the militants resumed their attack.

The Kuki militants launched another offensive by firing ten mortar shells at Phougakchao Ikhai Awang Leikai Ward No 9 around 1:30 am on Sunday. Shockingly, three of the shells failed to explode.

The authorities are closely monitoring the situation in Torbung to prevent any further escalation of violence and to ensure the safety and security of the civilians in the area.

As of now, investigations are ongoing to determine the motive behind the attack and to identify any potential connections to other militant groups.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the volatile security situation in certain regions and the constant threat faced by security forces and civilians alike.

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