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718 Illegal Myanmar Influx Enters Manipur Within Two Days

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/July 24, 2023 (SPN) | In a recent development, there has been a fresh 718 illegal Myanmar influx along the Indo-Myanmar border in Chandel District.

The incident occurred due to ongoing clashes at Khampat, located opposite BP 58 in Myanmar. A total of 718 refugees entered the general area of New Lajang (Latitude – 23°51’11” | Longitude – 94°09’15”) on July 22 and 23, 2023.

Among the arrivals, there were 209 males, 208 females, and 301 children. The Illegal Myanmar influx was found at various locations within Chandel District:

New Lajang (On July 22, 2023)
2 males
3 females
8 children

Bonse (On July 23, 2023)
6 males
8 females
26 children

New Samtal (On July 23, 2023)
33 males
33 females
23 children

New Lajang (On July 23, 2023)
62 males
56 females
112 children

Yangnomphai Village (On July 23, 2023)
62 males
56 females
112 children

Yangnomphai Saw Mill (On July 23, 2023)
54 males
50 females
39 children

Aivomjang Village (On July 23, 2023)
45 males
52 females
78 children

Earlier, Chief Minister N Biren expressed deep concern over the presence of approximately 2000 illegal Myanmar influx in Manipur. The issue has raised security and humanitarian concerns in the region, prompting authorities to take immediate action.

Recently, 11 Myanmar citizens have been apprehended in Churachandpur district for illegally entering India without proper documentation.

The arrests have brought attention to the treatment of injured Myanmar militants, who have been seeking medical assistance for explosive and bullet wounds within Manipur.

The ongoing Manipur Violence has been attributed to the presence of Kuki militants from Myanmar.

In response to the concerning presence of approximately 718 illegal Myanmar nationals in Manipur, Lieutenant Colonel Venkata Ravi Kiran J, General Staff Officer-1 (Operation) for Commander of 28 Sector Assam Rifles, has taken proactive steps.

He informed the Deputy Commissioner of Chandel District about the situation and proposed a joint verification process for the identification and verification of these individuals.

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