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Injured Myanmar Citizens Due to Explosive and Bullet Wounds Arrested in Churachandpur

Last Updated on July 11, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/July 11, 2023 (SPN) | In a concerning turn of events, 11 Myanmar citizens have been apprehended in Manipur’s Churachandpur district for illegally entering India without proper documentation.

The arrests have brought attention to the treatment of injured Myanmar militants, who have been seeking medical assistance for explosive and bullet wounds within Manipur.

The incidents of injuries, with five cases reported in June, indicate that these distressing events might have taken place within the state itself. Reports of ongoing gunfire exchanges in the adjacent areas of Churachandpur and Bishnupur districts since May further support this possibility.

Adding fuel to the fire, suspicions have been raised about the involvement of Kuki militants from Myanmar following an attack on Meitei villages in the Serou area during the first week of June. Retired Lieutenant General L Nishikanta Singh expressed his concerns on social media, hinting at the potential role of these militants. His tweet on May 30, 2023, read:

“About 300 terrorists, including lungi clad ones from Myanmar, have entered India (Manipur) and are creating mayhem. They burned 450 houses in Sherou and Sugnu villages in South Manipur. An 80-year-old was also burnt to death. Security forces appear to be bewildered by the ferocity of the attack by these Myanmar-based Kuki terrorists with support from their counterparts already in Manipur. @narendramodi @blsanthosh @JPNadda @AmitShahOffice @adgpi @rajnathsingh.”

The situation came to light on June 16 when the Officer-in-Charge of Churachandpur police station received a report regarding the presence of Myanmar citizens at a local hospital. However, the report did not specify the cause of their injuries.

Further investigation revealed that the 11 nationals had illegally entered India through Manipur without proper documentation. Consequently, they were apprehended on July 10 and are currently in police custody.

Alarming reports indicate that at least seven Myanmar citizens received medical treatment for bullet and explosive injuries at Churachandpur District Hospital. This revelation has raised concerns among the people of Manipur, prompting questions about whether the state and central governments are aware of the situation.

Reliable sources have identified the injured individuals as Thargyi, Khaipi, Lulminlal, Konan, Joky, Awngphyowai, and Ngamboi, all hailing from the border town of Tamu in Myanmar. Taking care of them is their attendant, identified as David Thetpaing U.

According to the sources, Thargyi, Khaipi, and Lulminlal were admitted to the Ortho ward of the hospital on June 15, occupying beds numbered 11, 15, and 14, respectively. Thargyi suffered explosive injuries on his left hand and right cheek, while Khaipi and Lulminlal sustained bullet injuries on their right and left shoulders, respectively.

On June 17, Konan and Joky were admitted to the Ortho ward and ICU bed No. 9, respectively. Konan endured a minor explosive injury on his left eye and has since been discharged. Conversely, Joky is still receiving treatment in the ICU due to a bullet wound on his abdomen.

Awangpyowai and Ngamboi were admitted to the Ortho ward on April 20 after suffering explosive injuries. Awangpyowai’s right leg was injured, whereas Ngamboi sustained injuries on her left hand and right arm.

All 11 nationals, residents of Tamu town in northeastern Myanmar bordering Manipur, sought medical treatment at Churachandpur District Hospital.

The police are currently investigating the matter to determine the exact circumstances behind the injuries suffered by these Myanmar nationals and how they managed to enter India without valid documents.

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