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Kakching Ethei Khong Phatpa Rituals held for a Good Harvest

Last Updated on October 23, 2023 by SPN Editor

Kakching/ October 17, 2023(SPN) | The annual rituals for the Water Supply Scheme at Kakching Ethei Maru Dam, the Kakching Ethei Khong Phatpa rituals was conducted on Monday. This age-old practice has been carried out by the elders of Kakching and adjacent villages for generations. Last year, the Kakching Ethei Khong Phatpa ritual took place at Irengband Khul.

The indigenous ritual of the Meitei was performed to secure fresh water for irrigating approximately 10 pari of paddy fields.

Kakching Ethei Committee President, Yengkhom Achouba, elaborated on the ritual’s significance and its longstanding tradition. He urged everyone to refrain from disturbing or littering in the surrounding ecosystem, emphasizing the canal’s vital role for the local farmers.

The religious functions at the Kakching Ethei Maru Pik Up Ware Dam, situated on the Sengmai River, were officiated by the Amaiba (priest). The construction of such Ethei Khong has significantly increased the water supply for the villages in and around Kakching. During the paddy fields’ tilling, the Ethei Maru Dam is closed to distribute water through the canals for agricultural use.

These Ethei Khong Phatpa rituals are conducted as the harvesting season approaches, ensuring that the dam’s water is efficiently distributed to the fields. The committee offers prayers for a bountiful crop in the current season and an abundance of water for the next.

The primary objective of Kakching Ethei Phatpa ritual is to divert excess waters from the fields during the harvesting season to nearby canals, facilitating a convenient and smooth harvest of crops. Proper drainage of excess water from the fields is ensured during the Kakching Ethei Khong Phatpa.