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Kongba Leithong Phatpa Sajibu Leikhun Phunba rituals held

Last Updated on October 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ March 29, 2023 (SPN) | The Kongba Leithong Phatpa ritual was recently performed at Kongba Leingangpokpi Laikol in Pangei, Imphal East along the Kongba river, by Uttra Shanglen Sana Konung on March 28, 2023. This ritual was originally carried out by Meidingu Charairongba over 320 years ago.

The press release issued by Uttra Shanglen Sana Konung stated that during the digging of the earth at the Angom kom, various creatures like Nachal (centipede), Tinthrok (earthworm), Harou (field cricket), Kakcheng Makon (ant colony) were found.

In addition, while digging the second earth at Maiba kom, an earthworm was discovered. No insects were found while digging at the Ningthou Pokpa kom.

Upon observing the signs of digging, the Maichous at Sana Konung predicted that the State might face a drought-like situation in the upcoming season, causing stomach upsets for children and poor crop yields.

The annual ritual was conducted under the guidance of Rajya Sabha MP Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba. Several individuals, including Angom Ningthou, Pana Lakpa, Machous, Maiba loishang, Pena loishang, Maibi loishang, and Thang Ta loishang, took part in the Kongba Leithong Phatpa ritual of the Meitei community.

Meanwhile, the annual religious ritual of Meitei, ‘Kongba Leithong Phatpa Sajibu Leikhun Phunba’ was also conducted at the Angom Pokpa and Ningthem Pokpa Laiphamlen premises in Kongpal Naoroibam Leikai.

The Amaibas and Amaibis (priests) organized the ritual, praying for peace and prosperity in the state.

The Manipur Pandit Loishang (Maru Loishang) organized the event, which has been carried out annually since the monarchical times.

The event was attended by several high officials and eminent members of Manipur Pandit Loishang, including Angom Ningthou Roshoraj Mani, Cheirap Bor Mantri Rajkumar Dalpayan Singh, Imphal East DC Khumanthem Diana Devi, Imphal East SP Kshetrimayum Shivakanta Singh, SDPO Porompat RK Tejbir, and others.

Kongba Leithong Phatpa Sajibu Leikhun Phunba
MLA Sheikh Noorul Hassan handed over the newly renovated Kongba Leithong Phatpa, Sajibu Leikhun Phunba Laiphamlen.

Before the ritual, Kshetrigao AC MLA Sheikh Noorul Hassan handed over the newly cemented and fenced premises of this sacred site to the public. The MLA sponsored the renovation work of the premises.

MLA Noorul Hassan stated that the construction work of the sacred site ‘Kongba Leithong Phatpa, Sajibu Leikhun Phunba’ at Angom Pokpa and Ningthem Pokpa Laiphamlen has been completed.

He expressed his pride in developing this historical, religious, and ritualistic site. Additionally, he announced plans to further develop the pond within the sacred complex and construct an all-weather road leading to it. He eagerly looks forward to these future developments.

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