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NSCN IM Ready to Walk out of Peace Talks if Position of Nagas not Honored

Last Updated on October 26, 2023 by SPN Editor

Ukhrul/ October 26, 2023 (SPN) | During a significant one-day public consultative meeting held at UBC Jubilee Hall in Ukhrul yesterday, the senior leader of the NSCN IM, RH Raising, addressed pressing matters concerning Naga identity and the ongoing peace talks between the Nagas and the Government of India.

Raising conveyed that while the issue of the Naga Flag is in the finalization stage, discussions surrounding the Naga Constitution are still under negotiation. He emphasized that the NSCN IM is fully prepared to withdraw from the peace talks should the Naga position not be duly honored.

The Naga Flag and Constitution are regarded as the fundamental components of Naga national identity, according to RH Raising. He asserted that the NSCN IM maintains a steadfast position in these negotiations. He also stated that there has been a degree of consensus reached between the Nagas and the Government of India to share power and coexist under the concept of shared sovereignty.

Raising underscored that the Government of India has recognized the “sovereign rights” of the Nagas for self-determination. He explained that the Naga peace talks are based on two core political principles: equality and mutual respect for rights.

Moreover, he emphasized that the Government of India has acknowledged the unique history of the Nagas through a series of political negotiations. Raising made it clear that the Nagas, as a mission-oriented people, have no intentions of merging with India or Myanmar. He highlighted the Nagas’ significant achievements during their more than seven decades of struggle for political rights.

The Government of India’s recognition of Naga history and identity was noted by Raising, who claimed that resolving the Naga issue is pivotal to achieving peace in the Indian subcontinent.

Raising called upon all peace-loving Nagas to uphold the “National political foundation” based on the concept of “Nagalim for Christ” and urged unity among Nagas in their political movement. He firmly stated that Nagas are not bound by Indian laws.

In the event of any form of imposition on the Naga region, Raising contended that the Naga movement would only grow stronger in defense of their ancestral land rights. He also acknowledged the significant contributions of the Tangkhul people in the Naga political movement.

Raising remembered the proposal for settling Naga political issues by the legendary Naga leader R. Suisa, which was rejected by certain Naga political leaders. He paid tribute to the many Tangkhul youth and educated individuals who sacrificed their lives for the cause of Naga’s political aspirations.

Major General (Retd) RS Chinaoyo, a member of the steering executive committee of the NSCN IM, stressed that the Naga peace negotiations are at a critical juncture, and he urged that the collective aspirations of the Nagas should not be compromised for vested interests.

The one-day political consultation was attended by Tangkhul CSO (Civil Society Organization) leaders, headmen, chairpersons, religious leaders, intellectuals, and well-wishers. The program concluded with a collective prayer seeking blessings for Naga leaders.